Thursday, December 20, 2012

khana wang te: chai yen yen

artist: คณะ หวังเต๊ะ (khana wang te)
album: ใจเย็นๆ (chai yen yen)
01. ลำตัดใจเย็นๆ (lam tat chai yen yen)
02. ลำตัดอนิจจังสังขาร (lam tat anitchang sangkhan)
03. ลำตัดน้ำมาปลากินมด (lam tat nam ma pla kin mot)
04. ลำตัดกำเนิดกุมาร (lam tat kamnoet kuman)
05. ลำตัดสุกาษิตเตือนใจ (lam tat suphasit tuean chai)
06. ลำตัดเป็นหญิงแสนยาก (lam tat pen ying saen yak)
07. ลำตัดเป็นชายแสนลำบาก (lam tat pen chai saen lambak)
08. ฉ่อยบอกรักฝากใจ (choi bok rak fak chai)

at long last, our first entry of lam tat music!  traditional or folk music (especially in a form intended for local consumption, rather than the tourist market) can be a bit difficult to find in thailand.  recently, though, i spotted this tattered old tape on the street, and now i can finally share some of this great music with you!  lam tat, long since associated with thailand's central provinces, is in fact descended from malay islamic antiphon.  it typically features opposing male & female choruses, each led by a soloist who improvises lyrical barbs & double entendres in a "battle of the sexes" through wordplay.  the musical backing is no more than a frame drum & finger cymbals.  the ensemble here is the famed wang te group, led by national artist wangdi nima, who, i'm sad to say, we just lost this past june at the age of 87.  i think you'll agree that this tape is really wonderful, despite the decay at parts... and as an added bonus, mae khwanchit siprachan makes a special guest appearance!  enjoy!!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

thian mathurot: toei sao chan khon kao

artist: เทียน มธุรส (thian mathurot)
album: เต้ยสาวจันทร์คนเก่า (toei sao chan khon kao)
01. เต้ยสาวจันทร์คนเก่า (toei sao chan khon kao)
02. เต้ยวาสนาบ่เกี่ยว (toei watsana bo kieow)
03. เต้ยตายแน่หรือหนาวนี้ (toei tai nae rue nao ni)
04. เต้ยมันสุดยอด (toei man sut yot)
05. เต้ยหมั่นไส้ (toei man sai)
06. เต้ยเห็นใจสิบล้อ (toei hen chai sip lo)
07. เต้ยเสียแล้วเสียไป (toei sia laeo sia pai)
08. เต้ยไปกันได้ (toei pai kan dai)
09. เต้ยดวงไผดวงมัน (toei duang phai duang man)
10. เต้ยตลุยบางกอก (toei talui bangkok)
11. เต้ยขาดคนเอาใจ (toei khat khon ao chai)
12. ลำเพลิน จ.ม. จากสาวนา (lam phloen ch.m. chak sao na)

this week some great early molam luk thung from ms. thian mathurot!  to be honest i don't know all that much about our singer, here.. i know she got her start with isan superstars dao bandon and khamkoeng thongchan.  she's been in a ton of different molam groups since then, and i think just this year she's started touring with noknoi uraiphon's siang isan troupe.  this tape is one of her earlier recordings (possibly her first), dated 1987.  the songs are mostly lam toei in a modern style, for the time.. chirpy synths and electro-tom fills, together with traditional cymbal percussion & phin.  the label is a siang siam imprint (the innovative "sound of siam" studio, namesake of chris menist's recent compilation).. expect good things!


Friday, November 30, 2012

suntharaphon: lilat, vol. 1

artist: สุนทราภรณ์ (suntharaphon)
album: ลีลาศ ชุดที่ 1 (lilat, vol. 1)
01. ช่า ช่า ช่าพาเพลิน (cha cha cha pha phloen)
sung by ศรีสุดา รัชตะวรรณ นำหมู่ (sisuda rattawan & group)
02. รักจริงไหม (rak ching mai)
sung by ศรีสุดา รัชตะวรรณ (sisuda rattawan)
03. จะเป็นอย่างไรถ้าชายหญิงไม่รักกัน (cha pen tha chai ying mai rak kan)
sung by ศรีสุดา รัชตะวรรณ, วรนุช อารีย์, เอื้อ สุนทรสนาน + วินัย จุลละบุษปะ (sisuda rattawan, woranut ari, uea sunthonsanan & winai chunlabutsapa)
04. แสนงอน (saen ngon)
sung by ศรีสุดา รัชตะวรรณ (sisuda rattawan)
05. ไห้หา (hai ha)
sung by ชวลี ช่วงวิทย์ (chawali chuangwit)
06. คอยหามาหาย (khoi ha ma hai)
sung by โฉมฉาย อรุณฉาน (chomchai arunchan)
07. ไร้อาวรณ์ (rai awon)
sung by ศรวณี โพธิเทศ + ศรีสุดา รัชตะวรรณ (sorawani phothet & sisuda rattawan)
08. สวรรค์สวิง (sawan swing)
sung by ศรีสุดา รัชตะวรรณ (sisuda rattawan)
09. ฝนจ๋าฝน (fon cha fon)
sung by เลิศ ประสมทรัพย์ + ศรีสุดา รัชตะวรรณ (loet prasomsap & sisuda rattawan)
10. ห่วงรัก (huang rak)
sung by บุษยา รังสี (butsaya rangsi)
11. สาวอัมพวา (sao amphawa)
sung by นพดฬ ชาวไร่เงิน (nopphadon chaoraingoen)
12. กรรมรัก (kam rak)
sung by ยรรยงค์ เสลานนท์ (yanyong selanon)
13. พี่พบเจ้า (phi phop chao)
sung by ศันสนีย์ (sansani)
14. สมมุติว่าเขารัก (sommut wa khao rak)
sung by โฉมฉาย อรุณฉาน (chomchai arunchan)
15. ฟ้าแดง (fa daeng)
sung by อโศก สุขศิริพรฤทธิ์ + ยรรยง เสลานนท์ (asok suksiriphonrit & yanyong selanon)
16. พรานล่อเนื้อ (phran lo nuea)
sung by วินัย จุลละบุษปะ (winai chunlabutsapa)
17. ตาอินกะตานา (ta in ka ta na)
sung by วัฒนา ศโรภาส + ผจงพิศ พุฒพล (watthana sarophat & phachongphit phutphon)
18. จุดใต้ตำตอ (chut tai tam to)
sung by เลิศ ประสมทรัพย์ + ศรีสุดา รัชตะวรรณ + สมศักดิ์ เทพานนท์ (loet prasomsap, sisuda rattawan & somsak thephanon)

this week, let's catch up with some long-overdue city music!  the suntharaphon band, helmed by maestro uea sunthonsanan, is in many ways synonymous with luk krung, the music of bangkok's mid-century sophisticated set.  although today they are best remembered for their slow & syrupy love ballads or their pseudo-folk ramwong numbers, it shouldn't be forgotten that in their prime this band could swing, too!  it's this latter specialty that today's cassette focuses on.  here the band deals in the ballroom crazes of the day; cha cha cha, "off-beat", swing & fox-trot as well as some more relaxed waltzes & boleros (because everyone needs to slow it down now & then).  were they a world-class dance band?  that could be debated.  are they a lot of fun?  i say definitely.. hope you feel the same!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

phloen phromdaen

artist: เพลิน พรหมแดน (phloen phromdaen)
album: เพลิน พรหมแดน (phloen phromdaen)
01. คนเก่งภาษา (khon keng phasa)
02. ไปหาหมอ (pai ha mo)
03. ศิษย์หนุ่มกับครูสาว (sit num kap kru sao)
04. ผู้แทนมาแล้ว (phu thaen ma laeo)
05. แหยมย่องสาว (yaem yong sao)
06. เสียว (sieow)
07. อย่าห้ามกันดีกว่า (ya ham kan di kwa)
08. ไหว้ให้เมื่อยมือ (wai hai mueai mue)
09. ใจดำเหมือนการะแม (chai dam muean karamae)
10. ศุกร์เมาเสาร์นอน (suk mao sao non)
11. เจ็ดพันล้าน (chet phan lan)
12. คิดถึงลูก (khit thueng luk)
13. กำนันผันเงิน (kamnan phan ngoen)
14. พรรคกระสอบหาเสียง (phak krasop ha siang)
15. เมียไม่เอาถ่าน (mia mai ao than)
16. วันมหาสนุก (wan maha sanuk)

this week, a solid gold classic from mr. phloen phromdaen, the "king of talking music"!  phloen grew up in aranyaprathet on the cambodian border, where he worked on his parents' farm.  at age 20, a radio contest win landed him a spot in a local ramwong band.  following that stint, he headed for bangkok to join the burgeoning luk thung scene, using his own savings to record original songs.  eventually these sessions produced his massive hit "chom thung", which won him a spot among the biggest stars of the era, and even starring roles in several films.  shortly thereafter, phloen became interested in comedy and inventive ways to incorporate clever wordplay and skits into his tracks. what he came up with was phleng phut or "talking music", which is exactly what it sounds like.. phloen will stop the music in the middle of a song to engage in witty banter with his bandmates.  needless to say, thai comprehension would help in appreciating the skits, but luckily the songs are great as well!  enjoy!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

waiphot phetsuphan: lae prawat phumphuang

artist: ไวพจน์ เพชรสุพรรณ (waiphot phetsuphan)
album: แหล่ประวัติพุ่มพวง (lae prawat phumphuang)
01. แหล่ประวัติพุ่มพวง ตอน 1 (lae prawat phumphuang, pt. 1)
02. แหล่ประวัติพุ่มพวง ตอน 2 (lae prawat phumphuang, pt. 2)

the death of phumphuang duangchan in 1992 was a big deal.  she was the singer who reversed the decline of luk thung in the 80's and redefined notions of stardom in thailand.  the much-beloved star's early passing at the age of 31 was undoubtedly something to be mourned.  her funeral merited a royal cremation ceremony and attendance levels unheard of for a commoner, and her shrine at wat thap kradan in her home province still attracts legions of followers, hoping to win luck from her spirit.  on today's cassette, her former mentor chants a nearly hour-long eulogy to the memory his most famous pupil.  even putting aside the close relationship between the two singers, waiphot, the king of lae, is uniquely qualified for this undertaking.. have a listen...

  MRPT159 by monrakplengthai

Sunday, November 4, 2012

kawao siangthong: sit luang pho khun

artist: กาเหว่า เสียงทอง (kawao siangthong)
album: ศิษย์หลวงพ่อคูณ (sit luang pho khun)
01. ชมวัดบ้านไร่ (chom wat ban rai)
02. ศีลห้าข้อ (sinlaha kho)
03. หนุ่มกุดพิมาน (num kut phiman)
04. ด่านขุนทด (dan khunthot)
05. หลวงพ่อคูณเทิดทูลนายหลวง (luang pho khun thoet thun nai luang)
06. วันเกิดหลวงพ่อคูณ (wan koet luang pho khun)
07. ส. รัตนพล (s. ratanaphon)
08. ต่าย พิจิตร (tai phichit)
09. หอมกลิ่นดอกสะเรเต (hom klin dok sarete)
10. หลวงพ่อคูณเป็นศูนย์รวมใจ (luang pho khun pen sun ruam chai)
11. หลวงพ่อคูณช่วยด้วย (luang pho khun chuai duai)
12. วาจาหลวงพ่อคูณ (wacha luang pho khun)

this week some buddhist audio for everyone!  a loving tribute from luk thung veteran kawao siangthong.  the subject of kawao's devotion on this cassette is luang pho khun (khun parisuttho), also known by his royally bestowed title phra thep witthayakhom.  formerly a wandering forest monk, luang pho khun is the longtime abbot of wat ban rai in nakhon ratchasima, though old age has restricted his activity.  coming from an influential khorat family with a history of sorcery, luang pho khun is well known throughout thailand for his magical incantations.  he would freely bestow his powers upon any devotees who sought him, typically in the form of amulets or talismans.  although in my opinion this tape finds kawao with his best years behind him, there are still some great moments.  enjoy!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

khana thongmi phatthana: mae nak phra khanong

artist: คณะ ทองมีพัฒนา (khana thongmi phatthana)
album: แม่นาคพระโขนง (mae nak phra khanong)
01. แม่นาคพระโขนง ตอน 1 (mae nak phra khanong, pt. 1)
02. แม่นาคพระโขนง ตอน 2 (mae nak phra khanong, pt. 2)

with halloween coming up, it's time for some isan style campfire tales!  mae nak phra khanong is probably thailand's most famous ghost story; based on actual events, the story concerns the tragedy of a young wife who dies in childbirth while her husband is off at war.. the war ends and the husband returns to live with his family, not realizing that they are both long dead.  friends try to warn him in vain that he is living with ghosts, only to meet with horrible fates shortly after.  eventually the husband realizes the truth and runs to the shelter of the local temple, while his wife's ghost continues to terrorize the community.  the spirit still attracts devotees to her shrine off bangkok's th. on nut, where they leave clothing, toys, art or what-have-you for her & her child.  on this cassette, our molam are mr. thongmi malai & ms. nit sotsi from yasothon, backed by the thongmi phatthana band.  great stuff!


Friday, October 19, 2012

waiphot phetsuphan: la buat 20 pi thong

artist: ไวพจน์ เพชรสุพรรณ (waiphot phetsuphan)
album: ลาบวช 20 ปีทอง (la buat 20 pi thong)
01. ไวพจน์ลาบวช 21 มิถุนา (waiphot la buat 21 mithuna)
02. ไวพจน์ลาบวช (waiphot la buat)
03. ต้นฉบับลาบวช (ton chabap la buat)
04. โห่ 3 ลา ไวพจน์กลองยาว (ho 3 la, waiphot klong yao)
05. เบิกบายศรี (โห่ ลา) (boek bai si (ho, la))
06. ทำขวัญนาค (tham khwan nak)
07. บวชพระดีกว่า (buat phra di kwa)
08. กล่อมใจนาค (klom chai nak)
09. ก่องข้าวน้อยฆ่าแม่ (kong khao noi kha mae)
10. แหล่ลำนำอิสาน (lae lamnam isan)

any fan of vintage thai music ought to know the word ton chabap... meaning "original", this is typically a sure sign that you'll be getting the old-school sounds you're after, not re-performed or adulterated with new bass lines, drum machines or so on.  except in this instance.  i was probably too excited by waiphot's fancy robe & bald pate that i didn't read closely enough, as it turns out the cover (rather honestly) advertises "original lyrics" only!  but the biggest surprise of all?  i don't mind in the least.  that's because on this time the new sounds come courtesy of a full isan music combo... that means electric phin shredding, classic northeastern bass & liberal use of cowbell.  as far as i knew waiphot had never performed in this style, so enjoy this rare look into his classic lae tracks, isan-ified!

  MRPT156 by monrakplengthai

Saturday, October 13, 2012

rock ah yah: hong nam krathoei

artist: ร๊อคอ๊ะย๊ะ (rock ah yah)
album: ห้องน้ำกระเทย (hong nam krathoei)
01. โฟวินเหยียบดัง (four wheel yiap dang)
02. ห้องน้ำกระเทย (hong nam krathoei)
03. ต่างคนต่างเศร้า (tang khon tang sao)
04. สิ้นแล้วสัญญาใจ (sin laeo sanya chai)
05. ฝากคำไปนำฟ้า (fak kham pai nam fa)
06. สาวอึ่ง (sao ueng)
07. ส่างอ้ายเถาะ (sang ai tho)
08. สู้เพื่อเรา (su phuea rao)
09. คุมโปงคอยนาง (khum pong khoi nang)
10. จ.ม. รักนักจัดรายการ ( rak nak chat rai kan)
11. แหล่รักเรือล่ม (lae rak ruea lom)
12. หนุ่มซอรอแฟน (num so ro faen)
13. จำจองใจ (cham chong chai)
14. สาวใจดำ (sao chai dam)

1-4: สนุ๊ก สิงห์มาตร (sanuk singmat)
5-8: สมนึก มีแก้ว (somnuek mikaeo)
9-11: ศักดิ์สิทธิ์ มิตรอรัญ (saksit mitaran)
12-14: เสน่ห์ มนต์อีสาน (sane mon'isan)

the group is rock ah yah! from yasothon, consisting of 3 relative-unknowns and 1 super-known.  the odd man out, of course, is sanuk singmat and if you were in thailand at any point around 2010, then you heard his song "luk thewada".  the song became an anthem concerning the perceived spoiled youth of thailand, pillorying interest in motorbikes & cellphones over tradition.  today's tape, the lead single of which carries similarly topical commentary mixed with humor ("transexual bathroom") seems to have made less of a lasting impact.  nonetheless i think it's great: exemplary & stylistically diverse molam - luk thung from 2001.  featuring music from masters sawat sarakham & sawai faidam, the sound is just the right proportion of live instrumental precision to electronics.  enjoy!


Friday, October 5, 2012

phumphuang duangchan: x.o.

artist: พุ่มพวง ดาวจันทร์ (phumphuang duangchan)
album: เอ็กซ์โอ (x.o.)
01. หน้าอย่างเธอจะรักใครจริง (na yang thoe cha rak khrai ching)
02. แม่ร้อยใจ (mae roi chai)
03. อ.ส. รอรัก (o.s. ro rock)
04. สาวนาคอยคู่ (sao na khoi khu)
05. เกลียดได้เกลียดไป (kliat dai kliat pai)
06. ตุ๊กตาใจดำ (tukta chai dam)
07. ทำบุญร่วมชาติ (tham bun ruam chat)
08. ทหารเกณฑ์ ผลัด 2 (thahan ken phlat 2)
09. แหม่มปลาร้า (ma'am pla ra)
10. นางกวักมหาเสน่ห์ (nang kwak maha sane)

any fan of thai pop music has surely heard of phumphuang duangchan, the woman who revitalized luk thung in the 1980's and redefined notions of stardom in thailand.  phumphuang got her start as "namphueng mueangsuphan" in waiphot phetsuphan's band, though it was her eventual pairing with songwriter lop burirat that brought her to fame.  i'm imagining the music on this tape shortly predates her bigger hits; while the sound is definitely more internationally-minded, big-band disco grooves & chorus, it doesn't yet have the fully integrated pop style that would make her later material so memorable.  the selections here are mostly covers of well-known tunes, the work of songwriters chonlathi thanthong & surin phaksiri, including songs from the mon rak luk thung soundtrack and some made famous by sayan sanya.  enjoy!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

namphueng mueangsurin: rueam anre

artist: น้ำผึ้ง เมืองสุรินทร์ (namphueng mueangsurin)
album: เรือมอันเร (rueam anre)
01. อันเร (anre)
02. กัจปะกา (katchpaka)
03. จะอังกรอง (cha ang krong)
04. ตำเร็ยยูลได (tamre yuldai)
05. ซันตูจ (santuch)
06. เบริญ (broen)

alexandra was out in surin recently and, of course, brought back a bag full of great old khmer tapes from the city!  while my natural inclination would have been to save this one, really why not just start with the best of the lot?  namphueng mueangsurin is at the head of surin's kantruem traditionalist revival movement, electing to minimize the thai & international influences in her music as compared to the genre's more popular, modern practitioners.  while this is certainly a bold move, namphueng has won a devoted audience for it, and her recordings will almost invariably be found  wherever kantruem music is sold.  the music on this cassette is simply beautiful, a carefully-paced interplay between drum & fiddle supporting namphueng's soulful voice.  it's a real treasure... enjoy!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

dueanphen amnuaiphon: to lom chom thung

this week's post comes courtesy of mr. peter, who numbers among the most prolific concert-goers in thailand (probably #1, among foreigners). he & his wife make it to over 100 luk thung shows a year, and as you might imagine, know quite a bit about the music.

artist: เดือนเพ็ญ อำนวยพร (dueanphen amnuaiphon)
album: โต้ลมชมทุ่ง (to lom chom thung)
01. ไม่อยากจะหวัง (mai yak ja wang)
02. โต้ลมชมทุ่ง (to lom chom thung)
03. เขาคงลืมเราแล้ว (khao khong luem rao laeo)
04. สาวชาวนา (sao chao na)
05. ตั้งอยู่บนความจริง (tang yu bon khwam ching)
06. ลำล่อง ฟ้าสั่งน้อง (lam long fa sang nong)
07. ไม่เคยเกลียดเธอ (mai khoei kliat thoe)
08. คิดถึงรอยยิ้ม (khit thueng roi yim)
09. พอใจหรือยัง (pho chai rue yang)
10. เลยวันสัญญา (loei wan sanya)
11. ทีใครทีมัน (thi khrai thi man)
12. ลำล่อง อกสาวเดือนเพ็ญ (lam long ok sao dueanphen)

our star today is dueanphen amnuaiphon, and despite her currently touring live act (and despite the fact that i've shared a song of her's here before!) i actually know less than i should about her.  what i can tell you for sure is that she is a prime practitioner of the thongchan sound!  along with sathit thongchan, a. pochana & others, she's a representative of achan khamkoeng thongchan's "thongchan promotions" collective based out of roi et in the 80's & 90's.  the thongchan sound is uptempo & danceable molam marked by fairly dense, electronic tracks highlighting the sax & keyboards... just try to not have a good time listening to this one.  thanks, mr. peter!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

phra wetsandon chadok

artists: พระอาจารย์ มหาสดใส เตชธโร, พระอาจารย์ มหาสุรัตน์ สุติรโต, พระอาจารย์ มหาทองดา โชติปัญโญ + พระอาจารย์ มหาสมเด็จ สุวณโณ (phra achan mahasotsai techaro, phra achan mahasurat sutinto, phra achan mahathongda chotipanyo & phra achan mahasomdet suwanno)
album: พระเวสสันดรชาดก (phra wetsandon chadok)
tracklist (1) (2) (3):
01. กัณฑ์สักกบรรพ (kan sakkabap)
02. กัณฑ์ฉกษัตริย์ (kan chokasat)
03. กัณฑ์นครกัณฑ์ (kan nakhon kan)

it's thet mahachat season in thailand, and so today i'd like to share this epic boxed-set, featuring a northeastern take on the sermons.  thet mahachat (or "the great birth sermon") is the reading of the vessantara jataka (phra wetsandon chadok in thai), the final and most popular of the tales concerning the buddha's past incarnations.  celebrated throughout southeast asia, the story features prince vessantara & his journeys, wherein he exemplifies the virtues of charity & selflessness.  our monks here orate using thet lae, the unmistakably isan style of sing-sermonizing.  after a brief instrumental flourish, they launch forth with the final 3 of the jataka's 13 chapters (chapter 10 "the words of indra", chapter 12 "the six kshatriya" & chapter 13 "the return to the city" [i assume it also features chapter 11 "the great king", but i don't know the text well enough to identify it]).  these are old tapes and have a good bit of mechanical noise, but if you can get through it, you'll find a great document of a unique & compelling tradition.  it's a 3 hour set, so i've kept with the original tape divisions and put it up in 3 parts.. make sure you get all three, and enjoy!

  MRPT151 by monrakplengthai

Thursday, August 30, 2012

khana arab bombay: nasib prayuk

artist: คณะ อรับบอมเบย์ (khana arab bombay)
album: นาเสปประยุกต์ (nasib prayuk)
01. นาเสปประยุกต์ ตอน 1 (nasib prayuk, pt. 1)
02. นาเสปประยุกต์ ตอน 2 (nasib prayuk, pt. 2)

this week, another installment of fantastic thai-muslim music!  this cassette features a prayuk or "applied" version of the malay nasib.  for a description of that genre, let me defer to jon ward, of the inimitable excavated shellac: "nasib, or "song of fate" ... is an aching, slow lament; a deeply melancholic popular song type which is built around the singer’s misfortune in life ... the origins of the nasib derive ... from indonesian/malaysian stambul theater music ... where theatrical groups would perform musical dramas, many with stories which had origins in india or the middle east ... nasib is sung by a singer who is in fact playing – or at the very least channeling – a character or situation from these classical stories, rather than singing [t]he[i]r own blues."  here the characters of nasib take one step further in their journey!  in it's prayuk form, thai nasib seems to stress group participation, with a solo singer & chorus trading call & response, as well as greater variations in tempo.. whether these are local innovations or a return towards the genre's theatrical routes, i couldn't tell you.  i also wish i could say more about our performers, khana arab bombay, but i can't find anything.  any further information would be greatly appreciated... until then, enjoy!

Monday, August 20, 2012

sobah wongmasoh & kue baby

artist: ซอบะห์ วงษ์มะเซาะ + กื้อ เบบี้ (sobah wongmasoh & kue baby)
album: รวมเพลงภาพยนตร์อินเดีย 3 (ruam phleng phapphayon india 3)
01. bobby (บ๊อบบี้)
02. zindakyja (ซันดากียา)
03. khudakawa (ฮูดาคาวา)
04. pholo kata (ปูโล คาตา)
05. yadoky (ยาดูกี้)
06. tumbill (ตุมบิล)
07. yatumha (ยาตุมฮา)
08. jallte (ยัลเด)
09. rona (โรนา)
10. amere betee (อเมรี บีตี)
11. rimkim che (ริมคิม ซี)
12. jalterajal (ยัลเตราจัน)

as a lucky follow-up to last week's indian-derived material, today we have bollywood sounds of a different stripe.  just the other day, i came across a great arab-malay tape shop in bangkok.  among their collection was this cassette featuring sobah and kue, past members of bangkok's own baby arabia (recently the subject of a fantastic documentary), doing takes on classic filmi tunes.  unfortunately, i don't know a great deal about contemporary thai-muslim music, but i would guess that these melodies reached thailand's islamic community by way of malaysia/indonesia, where they had played a major role in the development of that region's famous dangdut genre.  to my ears, this tape bears definite dangdut influence... i know some readers here are much more knowledgeable about this scene than i, so if you know anything further, please contribute!

Monday, August 13, 2012

phleng thai tham nong india

artist: various
album: เพลงไทยทำนองอินเดีย (phleng thai tham nong india)
01. หนี้กรรม (ni kham)
sung by สุมิตร สัจจเทพ + ยุพิณ แพรทอง (sumit satchathep & yuphin phraethong)
02. ขอทานรัก (kho than rak)
sung by สุมิตร สัจจเทพ (sumit satchathep)
03. รักเธอเสมอ (rak thoe samoe)
sung by สุมิตร สัจจเทพ + ยุพิณ แพรทอง (sumit satchathep & yuphin phraethong)
04. อย่าหลอกฉันนะ (ya lok chan na)
sung by สุมิตร สัจจเทพ + ยุพิณ แพรทอง (sumit satchathep & yuphin phraethong)
05. ช้ำเพราะจน (cham phro chon)
sung by สุมิตร สัจจเทพ (sumit satchathep)
06. คนใจร้าย (khon chai rai)
sung by เพชร โพธาราม (phet photharam)
07. อานุภาพรัก (anuphap rak)
sung by ยุพิณ แพรทอง (yuphin phraethong)
08. มนต์เสียงเพลง (mon siang phleng)
sung by ชาตรี ศรีชล + ยุพิณ แพรทอง (chatri sichon & yuphin phraethong)
09. โฉมนาง (chom nang)
sung by ชาตรี ศรีชล (chatri sichon)
10. อย่ามาหลอกฉัน (ya ma lok chan)
sung by ยุพิณ แพรทอง (yuphin phraethong)
11. ธรณีชีวิต (thorani chiwit)
sung by ชาตรี ศรีชล + ยุพิณ แพรทอง (chatri sichon & yuphin phraethong)
12. มารักกันเถอะ (ma rak kan the)
sung by ชาตรี ศรีชล (chatri sichon)
13. สวรรค์บนดิน (sawan bon din)
sung by ยุพิณ แพรทอง (yuphin phraethong)
14. วอนลมฝากรัก (won lom fak rak)
sung by บุปผา สายชล (buppha saichon)
15. รอยรักรอยมลทิน (roi rak roi monthin)
sung by ไพรวัลย์ ลูกเพชร (phraiwan lukphet)

here it is!  the first major find since returning to bangkok: a greatest hits of thai songs featuring indian rhythms!  although tracks 7 to 14 have been featured on this blog already, this collection is full of great new tunes from phraiwan lukphet, phet photaram and the star of the show, sumit satchathep!  sumit was born to a family of indian silk merchants in bangkok's bang rak district.  although his upbringing instilled in him an appreciation for the music of his mother country, his surroundings influenced him as well, and at the height of the brief 70's luk thung-bollywood craze, the scene found its first bilingual voice.  teaming with chatri sichon's former partner yuphin phraethong, sumit had a run of duet & solo hits in the late 70's.  the first track here, written by surin phaksiri, was his biggest single... most versions today have clipped the flute intro because a skip in the master recording, but i decided to leave it in.  hope you enjoy!

Monday, July 23, 2012

samanchai + phimpha: kantruem mongkhon chong dai

artist: สมานชัย + พิมพา (samanchai + phimpha)
album: กันตรึม มงคลจองได (kantruem mongkhon chong dai)
01. เพลงแห่ (pleng hae)
02. เฮาปรึง (hao phrueng)
03. เพลงมงคล (pleng mongkhon)
04. กะแบยจ๊วลเจก (ka baei chual chek)
05. กันจันเจก (kan chan chek)
06. กัจปะกา (katchpaka)
07. ซอมบายซี (som bai si)

so!  my apologies for the low post rate as of late, but i am happy to say, the reason behind it is that i have been gearing up for a return to thailand!  alexandra and i are headed back to the kingdom for another year at least, with no small likelihood of finding loads of musical treasures to share here, as always.  but anyway, lately i've been listening to alot of khmer music, and so i wanted to share another cassette of isan's magnificent kantruem music, the style played by khmer surin people of south isan.  this particular tape features traditional wedding music, upbeat and joyful, with drum machine & fiddle making their way through shouted background vocals.  i can't say with absolute certainty whether samanchai + phimpha are the performers or the betrothed (or both)... but regardless, this is immensely enjoyable music, hope you feel the same!  see you in bangkok!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

sayan sanya: luk sao phu kan

artist: สายัณห์ สัญญา (sayan sanya)
album: ลูกสาวผู้การ (luk sao phu kan)
01. ลูกสาวผู้การ (luk sao phu kan)
02. นักเพลงคนจน (nak phleng khon chon)
03. รักเธอเท่าฟ้า (rak thoe thao fa)
04. กินอะไรถึงสวย (kin arai thueng suai)
05. นางฟ้ายังอาย (nang fa yang ai)
06. ขาดเธอพี่ขาดใจ (khat thoe phi khat chai)
07. สี่ปีที่คอย (si pi thi khoi)
08. น้ำตาอีสาน (nam ta isan)
09. ลานเทสะเทือน (lan the sathuean)
10. จำปาลืมต้น (cham pa luem ton)
11. พลัดคู่ (phlat khu)
12. สัญญาห้าปี (sanya ha pi)
13. ลารักจากสวนแตง (la rak chak suan taeng)

this week, classic luk thung ballads from the one & only sayan sanya!  born & raised in central thailand's suphan buri province, sayan grew up farming rice with his family.  he started his musical career as a dancer in phongsi woranut's group, gradually moving up to backup singer and eventually forming his own band in 1973.  through the 80's & early 90's he paired up with phumphuang duangchan and reigned as the biggest of luk thung stars. this cassette rounds up his early hits, dating from the late 70's.  the band's slow, dense arrangements behind sayan's nasal crooning have always made a winning combination for me. hope you enjoy as well!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

khine htoo: so

artist: khine htoo
album: so
01. chit chin ye ah pyit dan
02. lo nay taet nyan
03. arr nae chet
04. so
05. khart tar
06. tway wai lan khwae
07. nay nyo chain ah tway
08. shwe la thar hma
09. htwet loet ma yauk taet lan
10. sane par sane
11. lwan nya nay
12. yae san khayee
13. instrumental

i hope everyone will pardon another of my occasional digressions from thai music today, but i wanted to give a heads up to all n.y.-area readers: the legendary 70's burmese "stereo" star khine htoo will be performing in the city saturday, june 30th at the laguardia performing arts center in long island city.  he will be joined by tin zar maw, chaw su khin & supan htwar for their "3 generations tour u.s.a.".  khine htoo was among a handful of pioneering rock stars who won fame in the 70's & 80's for penning original compositions, or "own tunes" (the majority of burmese popular music consists of foreign cover songs) which he performed with his bands the phoenix and later the aces (who back him on this 1981 cassette).  all credit to dr. lun swe for originally sharing this classic recording at his blog.  enjoy!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

waiphot phetsuphan & kaeo sarika

artists: ไวพจน์ เพชรสุพรรณ + แก้ว สาริกา (waiphot phetsuphan & kaeo sarika)
album: พุทธประวัติ ชุด 4: แหล่เที่ยวเมืองสุพรรณ (phuttha prawat, vol. 4; lae thieow mueang suphan)
01. แหล่เที่ยวเมืองสุพรรณ (lae thieow mueang suphan)
02. ชูชกพาสองกุมารตอนจบ (chu chok pha song kuman ton chop)
03. สารวันดิสโก้ (sarawan disco)
04. แหล่ชมสาวบางกอก (lae chom sao bangkok)
05. แหล่ชีวิตไวพจน์ (lae chiwit waiphot)
06. แหล่ปลาหมอ ปลาทู (lae pla mo, pla thu)
07. แหล่ตำนานพระปฐมเจดีย์ (lae tamnan phra pathom chedi)

this week, music from the king of lae, waiphot phetsuphan!  hailing from central thailand's suphan buri province, waiphot has for nearly half a century been among the biggest names in luk thung.  born into a musical family, waiphot was trained from the age of 2 in a range of local styles.  at 14 he joined a local liké theatre troupe, and at 16 won his first song contest.  he was discovered shortly after by singer chaichana bunnachot, who introduced him to ruam daokrachai bandleader samniang muangthong.  waiphot was greatly respected by audiences and fellow singers alike for his expertise in traditional forms and his uniquely powerful voice.  this cassette, with side 2 featuring one of his prominent latter-day proteges, kaeo sarika, is a collection of lae focusing on his home province.  the styles range from low-key ballads to up-tempo disco numbers, all imbued with lae rhythm & inflection.  enjoy!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

naruephon & surang duriyaphan

artist: นฤพนธ์ + สุรางค์ ดุริยพันธ์ (naruephon & surang duriyaphan)
album: เพลงไทยเดิม (thai classical music)
01. บุหลัน 2 ชั้น (bulan, 2nd tempo level)
02. ปี่แก้วน้อย (pi kaeo noi)
03. นกขมิ้น 2 ชั้น (nok khamin, 2nd tempo level)
04. ใบ้คลั่ง 2 ชั้น (bai khlang, 2nd tempo level)
05. ม้าย่อง (ma yong)
06. ขึ้นพลับพลา (khuen phlapphla)
07. แขกมอญบางช้าง 2 ชั้น (khaek mon bang chang, 2nd tempo level)
08. เขมรพวง 2 ชั้น (khmer phuang, 2nd tempo level)

this week, a rare glimpse here into the thai classical tradition!  you'd be forgiven for thinking, from the content of this site, that i don't have much interest in thai classical music.. but that's really not the case.  rather, it's down to the fact that i like to have as much background as i can on the artists i present here, and that the world of classical releases is, more often than not, totally devoid of discographical info.  that said, this week's cassette is well-annotated, due to the presence of two star vocalists, mr. naruephon & ms. surang duriyaphan.  this brother-sister duo are the children of khru nieow duriyaphan, head of the thai fine arts department under luang wichitwathakan in the 1930's.  here they are backed by khana duriyaphan, the legendary group of instrumentalists assembled by their father.  this is thai classical vocal music of the first order.. enjoy!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

suthat phonsathit: fon chang nang chak

artist: สุทัศน์ พรสถิตย์ (suthat phonsathit)
album: ฝนจางนางจาก (fon chang nang chak)
01. ฝนจางนางจาก (fon chang nang chak)
02. กลับมาทำไม (klap ma tham mai)
03. หนุ่มนาหน้าหนาว (num na na nao)
04. กำแพงรัก (kamphaeng rak)
05. อย่ากามถึงความรู้สึก (ya kam thueng khwam ru suek)
06. ห่วงอ้ายบ่อหนอ (huang ai bo no)
07. สายกินขาด (sai kin khat)
08. จดหมายจากผู้แพ้ (chot mai chak phu phae)
09. เกียงนาสัญญารัก (kiang na sanya rak)
10. ขอผิดหวังวันนี้ (kho phit wang wan ni)

this week, some great old molam sounds from suthat phonsathit!  i wasn't able to find any information online about mr. suthat, although the tape names (as producer) sane phetchabun, the famed songwriter who contributed songs to the landmark "mon rak luk thung" soundtrack.  suthat could hardly have been a nobody back in the day, then; simply one of many molam from the late 80's/early 90's whom time forgot.  the music here is a great example of lam phloen from that era; excellent khaen, phin & sax over drum machine & keys.  enjoy!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

sotsi phromseksan: chut lam phloen

artist: สดศรี พรหมเสกสรร (sotsi phromseksan)
album: ชุดลำเพลิน (chut lam phloen)
01. ลำเพลินชีวิตชาวนา (lam phloen chiwit chao na)
02. ลำเพลินกกขาขาว (lam phloen kok kha khao)
03. ลำเพลินเหล้าดองยา (lam phloen lao dong ya)
04. ลำเพลินตีกลองน้ำ (lam phloen ti klong nam)
05. ลำเพลินชมสไตร์ส (lam phloen chom satai)
06. เต้ยอีสานแล้ง (toei isan laeng)
07. ลำเพลินลองใจแฟน (lam phloen long chai faen)
08. ลำเพลินลารักลาเรียน (lam phloen la rak la rian)
09. ลำเพลินโดนต้ม (lam phloen don tom)
10. ลำเพลินพี่มือ (lam phloen phi mue)
11. ตลุงลำเพลิน (talung lam phloen)
12. ดนตรี (instrumental)

this week, some really fantastic 70's countryside funk from molam sotsi phromseksan!  sotsi is from surin province in south isaan, where roughly half the population are khmer speakers.  she got her start singing the kantruem folk style before being picked up by local songwriter seksan saenphum, who penned her early hits.  later she would team up with southern thai luk thung star chatthong mongkhonthong for a string of duets & answer-songs.  the songs collected here are some exemplary vintage lam phloen with full-band backing, wild intros & rhythm changes, crazy guitar effects, retro synth sounds & more!  this is not one to miss... enjoy!

Friday, February 17, 2012

achan duangchan khemachitto

artist: อาจารย์ ดวงจันทร์ เขมจิตฺโต (achan duangchan khemachitto)
album: เทศนานิทานธรรม (thetsana nithan tham)
01. เทศนานิทานธรรม ตอน 1 (thetsana nithan tham, pt. 1)
02. เทศนานิทานธรรม ตอน 2 (thetsana nithan tham, pt. 2)

this week, we have some beautiful sacred music from thailand's northeast; achan duangchan khemachitto performing thet lae!  despite buddhist monks being prohibited from performing music, there does exist a tradition of very melodic & expressive vocalizations used for reciting sacred texts, and even sermons composed in klon (the same poetic form used by molam) known as thet lae.  lae can be heard during all sorts of festivals in isaan, and was a significant influence on early luk thung music.. there's even a history of bandleaders courting talented young preachers to become recording stars (including mr. dao bandon, for instance).  this tape, however, features the original formula; a solitary voice, unaccompanied & unpolished.  i haven't been able to find out much about our monk, a. duangchan khemachitto, but i would assume he is affiliated with wat phrathat phanom woramahawihan in nakhon phanom, the chedi of which graces the cover of the j-card.  enjoy!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

chaichana bunnachot: chai nang muean thang rot

artist: ชัยชนะ บุญนะโชติ (chaichana bunnachot)
album: ใจนางเหมือนทางรถ (chai nang muean thang rot)
01. ดอกดินถวิลฟ้า (dok din thawin fa)
02. ใจนางเหมือนทางรถ (chai nang muean thang rot)
03. หัวอกหนุ่มโสด (hua ok num sot)
04. แม่แตงร่มใบ (mae taeng rom bai)
05. สุสานคนรัก (susan khon rak)
06. แหล่อวยพร (lae uaiphon)
07. ใจน้อยจริงน้อง (chai noi ching nong)
08. ลูกเขยผู้กว้างขวาง (luk khoei phu kwang khwang)
09. ลาสาวเข้ากรุง (la sao khao krung)
10. สาวสุพรรณโสภา (sao suphan sopha)
11. น้ำตาพ่อ (nam ta pho)
12. ฆ่าพี่เสียเถิด (kha phi sia thoet)
13. เกาะสมุย (ko samui)
14. แหล่ชูชก ตอน 1 (lae chu chok, pt. 1)
15. แหล่ชูชก ตอน 2 (lae chu chok, pt. 2)
16. เสียงสั่งจากบ้านนา (siang sang chak ban na)
17. ลูกสาวชาวนา (luk sao chao na)
18. หยาดเหงื่อเหนือคิ้วนาง (yat nguea nuea khiw nang)
19. หิวจะตายอยู่แล้ว (hiw cha tai yu laeo)
20. สำนึกผิด (samnuek phit)

this week, vintage luk thung from "national artist" mr. chaichana bunnachot!  one of the earliest practitioners of thai country music, chaichana has remained a favorite throughout the years as both a singer & songwriter.  hailing from central thailand's chachoengsao province, he grew up working on a mango plantation before joining his uncle's liké troupe, where he learned to sing all manner of folksong.  eventually, he left for bangkok with his brother and the two sang at bus terminals throughout the city, earning some renown as street performers.  chaichana soon turned his talents towards the new style being pioneered by khamron sambunnanon, which would come to be known as luk thung.  he came to the attention of songwriter & bandleader phayong mukda, who penned his earliest songs.  from there he worked with other songwriters like phaibun butkhan & phiphat boribun before eventually coming into his own as a songsmith.  for many generations chaichana has been a star performer and mentor to younger singers, and is still performing today! enjoy!

Friday, January 6, 2012

sunday productions, vol. 103: hol pha moung khmer

artists: various
album: sunday productions, vol. 103; hol pha moung khmer
01. hol pha moung khmer
sung by keammorak sayraymoun
02. shdie sreay kor min phor
sung by keammorak sayraymoun
03. chnam thmie sreay min phor
sung by keammorak sayraymoun
04. chorng touv na noun lorng
sung by meas saly
05. srear khrong chit khnear
sung by molika
06. mom phrie chor
sung by keammorak sayraymoun & keammorak sreaypovkhor
07. songsha khgnom eruy
sung by meas saly & molikaour
08. ouk dog long sneh kom phog cham
sung by keammorak sayraymoun
09. chom reang chun por kashi kor khmer
sung by meas saly
10. chagn neang luk prohok
sung by molika
11. bong khmer phun khmer
sung by meas saly

every now and then, i get requests for certain artists or styles that people are interested in hearing more from. over anything else, i'd say music in the kantruem style is the most requested, so when i came across this album recently (despite it being released across the border in cambodia) i couldn't resist sharing.  kantruem is a music associated with the khmer people in the southern edge of thailand's northeast, and much like contemporary molam, modern kantruem is characterized by elements of the minority's folksong superimposed upon thai popular song structure.  this album, featuring various singers from phnom penh's "sunday productions" group, is quite good.  if you can look past the slick production, there are some very interesting instrumental flourishes (whether from the classic fiddle or the synths), and the whole thing has a great energy that's tough to deny.  enjoy!

Monday, January 2, 2012

phuean: sawatdi pi mai

artist: เพื่อน (phuean)
album: สวัสดีปีใหม่ (sawatdi pi mai)
01. สวัสดีปีใหม่ (sawatdi pi mai)
02. หยุดใจไว้กับเธอ (yut chai wai kap thoe)
03. รักเนี้ยบๆ (rak niap niap)
04. ป่านฉะนี้ (pan chani)
05. แก้วตา (kaew ta)
06. ใจคนคอย (chai khon khoi)
07. ดูดูดูดูแสนเศร้า (du du du du saen sao)
08. รักบึงเก่า (rak bueng kao)
09. ปุ๊น... ปั๊น (pun... pan)
10. งานวัด (ngan wat)
11. ป้ากะปู่ (pa ka pu)
12. ว้าเหว่ (wa we)
13. พรุ่งนี้ (phrung ni)
14. เพียงเอ่ยคำลา (phiang oei kham la)
15. สักกะติ๊ด (sak ka tit)
16. ผิดนัด (phit nat)
17. ตี๋ดอยตุง (ti doi tung)
18. อะโห... ชีวิต (aho... chiwit)

what better way to ring in the new year than with warm wishes from thailand's most dapper dogs & cats?  courtesy of alexandra, we have the album "happy new year!" from a band identified only as "friends" (although individual songwriters are credited within the gatefold)  i don't have a great deal to say about this tape that the cover art doesn't say on its own.  the music?  well, the opportunity to hear a thai take on the characteristically technophilic production values of 1986 might interest some people, but it also might not.. either way, happy 2012!