Thursday, October 23, 2008

sayan sanya: khwam rak muean ya khom

singer: สายัณห์ สัญญา (sayan sanya)
album: ความรักเหมือนยาขม (khwam rak muean ya khom)
01. ความรักเหมือนยาขม (khwam rak muean ya khom)
02. ตัวไกลใจเหงา (tua klai chai ngao)
03. ล่องแพแม่ปิง (long phae mae ping)
04. คืนอำลา (khuen am la)
05. สุดดาดอกฟ้า (sut dat ok fa)
06. ปรางชมภู (prang chom phu)
07. แรงปรารถนา (raeng pratthana)
08. คืนนั้น (khuen nan)
09. ซุ้มรักเก่า (sum rak kao)
10. หวลคนึง (walokh nueng)
11. บ่วงมาร (bo wong man)
12. รักเธอจนหมดใจ (rak thoe chon mot chai)
13. ก่อนจาก (kon chak)
14. รังฝังใจ (rang fang chai)
15. ไกลน้อง (klai nong)
16. บ้านนาคอยน้อง (ban na khoi nong)

the legendary sayan sanya! 16 soulful ballads from the incomparable luk thung crooner. to me, sayan's music always straddled the line between city & country music; if he hadn't been a farmer from suphan buri, i think people would be calling alot of his stuff luk krung! recently, he's fallen a bit out of favor with the thai public, after his controversial remarks concerning his ailing former colleague, the late yodrak salakjai. but regardless of his character, his singing is unassailable! this is another one from khon kaen center, from the record shop which my girlfriend reminds me is named MAJOR GRAND!

(curiously, the first 2 tracks on here were dubbed over with an unpleasant drum-machine track & strings. i switched those versions out with some better ones i had on a compact disc "best of..". if you feel any less analog while listening, that would be why)


peter said...

thai version is here

Jesse said...

but, drum machine is one of my favorite instruments... and the promise of hearing it with strings is almost too much.

peter said...

well, being my magnanimous self, here are the 2 tracks i switched out, for overdubs-loving jesse & those of general curiosity: in original thai characters or romanized!

James Mitchell said...

Hi Peter (and Jesse), I'm an Australian living in Khon Kaen. I'm researching luuk tung for a PhD so I think you've website is very cool. Do you know how or where I could get hold of Saayan Sanyaa's 2006 recordings? I read that an album of his was banned by the military government in 2006 because of his links to Thai Rak Thai. Have you heard anything about that? Any info greatly appreciated.

James Mitchell said...

Hi Peter again, I just had to write again after I saw the Sorapet Pinyoo and Nong Nut album. I know Sorapet and have written an article about him which will be appearing in Journal of Southeast Asian Studies at some point early next year(?). It's been accepted anyway. I'll send it to you if you're interested in reading it. I meet with him about twice a month to teach him English and generally catch up. He is an amazing songwriter - also wrote Namdtaa Mia Saud for Pimpaa Ponsiri. Nong Nut now lives in Norway - I think Sorapet said. By the way he is Sorapet not Sonpet (unlike Sonpet Sonsupan). My email address is

peter said...

hi again james! i knew of his relationship with thai rak thai, but hadn't heard of sayan's recordings being banned.. that's really interesting! i wonder if there was actually sensitive lyrical content on the recordings in question? unfortunately i haven't heard any of his 2006 work.. i could check around if you knew the titles perhaps? and i would love to read your paper, either when it's published or if you wanted to send in advance! thanks again!

James Mitchell said...

That's what I really want to know - if there was sensitive lyrical content. Personally I hope there was because then I could write about it! I'm happy to send you the Sorapet article now if you give me your email address. I don't know any titles of songs - I've asked the Major shop to order any albums from 2006 to 2008 but I don't know if they've had any success yet. Do you know if his budding political career was nipped in the said bud by his comments about Yodrak Salakjai?

Anonymous said...