Monday, March 25, 2019

khamron sambunnanon: khon ba kancha

artist: คำรณ สัมบุญณานนท์ (khamron sambunnanon)
album: คนบ้ากัญชา (khon ba kancha)
01. มนต์การเมือง (mon kan mueang)
02. คนแก่โลก (khon kae lok)
03. ชีวิตคำรณ (chiwit khamron)
04. ขวานทองของไทย (khwan thong khong thai)
05. ไอ้ทุยแถลงการณ์ (ai thui thalaeng kan)
06. คนบ้ากัญชา (khon ba kancha)
07. กระท่อมกัญชา (krathom kancha)
08. ชีวิตครู (chiwit khru)
09. หนุ่มเหนือแอ่วนาง (num nuea aeo nang)
10. น้ำตาเสือตก (nam ta suea tok)

this week's cassette is part of a generous bequest gifted to us by educator cliff sloane, a former professor of ethnomusicology and founder of, a major influence behind this blog.

today, we'll hear from mr. khamron sambunnanon, singing songs of crooked politicians and ganja madmen! hailing from bangkok's chinatown, khamron sang what were called at the time phleng talat ("market songs"), as his lyrics were among the earliest examples of thai pop music to feature tales of common people; farmers, day laborers, and even more marginal figures like gamblers, vagrants, outlaws and drug addicts. because of this, khamron is considered by many to be the very first singer of luk thung, and many of the great luk thung stars of the 60s and 70s fondly recall singing along to khamron's songs during their formative years. this album, from the bangkok cassette co., ltd. (currently existing as maemaiplengthai), contains several songs that i've shared before on various collections over the years, but once again shouldn't hurt.. enjoy!


Monday, March 4, 2019

khon dan kwian: ai khong

artist: คนด่านเกวียน (khon dan kwian)
album: ไอ้โข่ง (ai khong)
01. ล้างลิ้นคอยเลีย (lang lin khoi lia)
02. ไอ้โข่ง (ai khong)
03. มะหน่อ (mano)
04. นางแบบ (nang baep)
05. ถังแตก (thang taek)
06. ลอยลมบน (loi lom bon)
07. หำน้อย (ham noi)
08. ข่าวเก่า (khao kao)
09. คนขายไข่ (khon khai khai)
10. คนด่านเกวียน (khon dan kwian)

this week, some classic thai rock music, courtesy of the khon dan kwian band! fronted by "siphueak" isara anantathat, a native of bueng kan, khon dan kwian were among the first wave of prominent phuea chiwit groups. phuea chiwit or "songs for life" is a genre of (usually) politically engaged popular music, with roots in thailand's 70s protest movement and a musical grounding in anglo/american folk-rock from bob dylan to traffic. siphueak, a veteran of the 14 october 1973 popular uprising and the communist party of thailand, founded the band in 1983 and together with the legendary carabao helped bring phuea chiwit music to the mainstream, blending their international folk-rock origins with luk thung's latin dance rhythms and indigenous melodies. this cassette features their fourth album from 1987. enjoy!


Monday, February 11, 2019

a. thonghuat faithet: diao.. so chut... lam san lam sing maha man

artist: อ. ทองฮวด ฝ่ายเทศ (a. thonghuat faithet)
album: เดี่ยว.. ซอ ชุด... ลำสั้นลำซิ่งมหามันส์ (diao.. so chut... lam san lam sing maha man)
01. ลำสั้นลำซิ่งมหามันส์ (lam san lam sing maha man)
02. บักสองสาว (bak song sao)
03. ผีแถน (phi thaen)
04. สาวขอนแก่น (sao khon kaen)
05. ลมพัดพร้าวสาวภูพาน (lom phat phrao sao phu phan)
06. รำแคน (ram khaen)
07. ซอเขมร (so khmer)
08. แห่ปราสาทผึ้ง (hae prasat phueng)
09. งิ้วต่องต้อน (ngio tong ton)
10. ไทยเดิมผสม (thai doem phasom)
11. ซอ..ลาอาลัย (so.. la alai)

this week, the famous northeast fiddle sound of thonghuat faithet! hailing from mahasarakham province, thonghuat left school at the age of 14 to train under somphon naksiso, or "mo so", a master of the northeastern so fiddle in the employ of the pathumrat mahori orchestra of roi-et. thonghuat developed a uniquely expressive style, imparting a voice-like quality to his playing that was said to make the intrument "laugh" or "cry". he became a sought-after studio musician (particularly for the label uea ari) appearing on tracks with luk thung singers and molam alike and recording many of the most iconic fiddle lines in thai popular music1.

for more information on achan thonghuat, check out the compilation diew sor isan from zudrangma and em records, with liner notes by chris menist!


Thursday, January 17, 2019

prathuam sukhothai: lae rueang phra chao achattasattru

artist: ประทวน สุโขทัย (prathuam sukhothai)
album: แหล่ เรื่อง พระเจ้าอชาตศัตรู (lae rueang phra chao achattasattru)
01. แหล่ เรื่อง พระเจ้าอชาตศัตรู ตอน 1 (lae rueang phra chao achattasattru, vol. 1)
02. แหล่ เรื่อง พระเจ้าอชาตศัตรู ตอน 2 (lae rueang phra chao achattasattru, vol. 2)

in the hopes that everyone will pardon a long holiday break, we're back today with a personal favorite of mine: fantastic lae from prathuam sukhothai! this one is a bit unique in my collection: i've heard plenty of completely unadorned lae, and plenty of pop-lae (à la waiphot phetsuphan), but i haven't heard much of this particular style; with a half-sung/half-chanted vocal line and piphat backing. the text, written by achan khaemthong, concerns the story from the samaññaphala sutta of king achattasattru (ajatashatru), an early buddhist convert. no biographical info about mr. prathuam was forthcoming, so if you have any please share! in the meantime.. enjoy!