Monday, August 26, 2019

decha nita-in: long singapore

artist: เดชา นิตะอินทร์ (decha nita-in)
album: ล่องสิงค์โปร (long singapore)
01. ล่องสิงค์โปร ตอน 1 (long singapore, pt. 1)
02. ล่องสิงค์โปร ตอน 2 (long singapore, pt. 2)

this week, some classic ubon lam! from the esteemed ratchabut stereo label, we'll be hearing beloved molam decha nita-in. i have several of his cassettes and his name is spelled differently on every one, making the metadata (and research) a bit trickier. i can tell you though that decha, from ubon, was the son of molam teacher chanphen nita-in, and an early partner to banyen rakkaen, placing him in an esteemed lineage. this recording is classic voice and khaen, with a good deal of humorous dialogue between decha and several interlocutors, creating an atmosphere as like to a social drinking session as to a recording session. there's also a subtle metallic chirp going on, and while i prefer to imagine that some nearby cicada singing bled into the recording, more likely it's just some tape defect that i haven't run into before. anyhow, enjoy!


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