Wednesday, October 22, 2014

khen dalao: kai phut kan

artist: เคน ดาเหลา (khen dalao)
album: ไก่พูดกัน (kai phut kan)
01. ไก่พูดกัน 1 (kai phut kan, pt. 1)
02. ไก่พูดกัน 2 (kai phut kan, pt. 2)
03. ลำมักโยนี (lam mak yoni)
04. ลำไล่พยัญชนะ (lam lai phayanchana)
05. ลำหลายภาษา 1 (lam lai phasa, pt. 1)
06. ลำหลายภาษา 2 (lam lai phasa, pt. 2)
07. คนกลอนมักอวด (khon klon mak uat)
08. ลำเกี้ยวสังหารคนแก่ (lam kieow sanghan khon kae)
09. ลำยาวโคลงการพัฒนา (lam yao khlong kan phatthana)
10. ลำพัฒนาการเกษตร 1 (lam phatthana kan kaset, pt. 1)
11. ลำพัฒนาการเกษตร 2 (lam phatthana kan kaset, pt. 2)
12. ลำล่องสลับเสียง (lam long salap siang)
13. ลำสันนิษฐานโลกกลม (lam sannitthan lok klom)
14. ลำล่องอดีตหลัง (lam long adit lang)

i was saddened to hear the news of molam khen dalao's recent passing, at the age of 84. hailing from ubon ratchathani province in the northeast, khen was a giant of isan music and named a national artist of thailand in 2000. showing musical inclination from childhood, he first began formal training in liké and puppet theatre at the age of 16, as well as informal instruction from his older brother in composing lam klon¹. often called a 'natural genius' for his lack of formal study, khen was considered a master of klon, and was beloved by audiences for his brilliant lyrical improvisations and off-colour humor, which he often performed in duet with chawiwan damnoen or his wife, bunpheng phaiphiwchai. on this cassette, however, it's only the man & his mokhaen. enjoy once more, the beautiful music and memories of molam khen dalao!


Monday, October 6, 2014

phleng thai doem: mahori

artist: วงมโหรี กรมประชาสัมพันธ์ (government public relations department mahori ensemble)
album: เพลงไทยเดิม มโหรี (phleng thai doem: mahori)
01. ลาวเจริญศรี (lao charoen si)
02. ลาวเสี่ยงเทียน (lao siang thian)
03. ลาวกระทบไม้ (la krathop mai)
04. ลาวครวญ (lao khruan)
05. ลาวดาวเดือน (lao duang duean)
06. เขมรโพธิ์สัตย์ (khmer pho sat)
07. แขกสาหร่าย (khaek sarai)
08. ขอมใหญ่ (khom yai)
09. เขมรไทรโยค (khmer sai yok)
10. นกขมิ้น (nok khamin)
11. สร้อยแสงแดง (soi saeng daeng)
12. ลาวคำหอม (lao kham hom)
13. ลาวแพน (lao phaen)
14. ลาวสมเด็จ (lao somdet)
15. ทยอยญวน (thayoi yuan)
16. พม่าแห่ (phama hae)

this week, we've got a wonderful tape of classics from the thai canon performed in mahori style! mahori refers to an ensemble configuration mixing string instruments with gong and mallet percussion. like so many recordings of thai classical music this cassette came with artists uncredited, but luckily my friend the ongkha phayop was able to identify the orchestra, including famous players such as ms. rati wisetsurakan on the chakhe (plucked zither) and ms. chaluai chiyachan on the so u (bowed string). beautiful music.. enjoy!!


Monday, September 15, 2014

naang naang: le' ywei sin tei mya

artist: naang naang
album: le' ywei sin tei mya
01. aue tueng pi aay mi yu laue
02. nam khong ue man mi laue
03. pi aay nong te kwaa yaw
04. kon aue nam
05. seng nok tong lo
06. hu tueng se pok maa laa
07. aue pew moe khaaw may
08. unknown title
09. seng taang maue
10. kaang aue ko sum taang hak
11. mok hong aw
12. kho kwaam yuen thueng aay ko haan
13. te moe nay ko moe loy loy
14. ngaw loen ngaw laaw
15. yaa aue lek naa aay
16. unknown title

i hope everyone will forgive the long absence.. i've been in the middle of another transcontinental move! i figure after such a break i'd better come back with something big; so today we'll hear from the incredible female-fronted shan rock group, naang naang. i don't know anything about the composition or history of the group, other than that they're from burma/myanmar's shan state, which shares a long and porous border with northern thailand. i also know that they have one of the heaviest guitars in the golden triangle! i got a lot of questions about this band after i played the lead track here on gary sullivan's awesome radio show, so this cassette should make a few people pretty happy.. enjoy!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

khana sanguan sin: banleng pong lang ngoen lan

artist: คณะ สงวนศิลป์ (khana sanguan sin)
album: บรรเลงโปงลางเงินล้าน (banleng pong lang ngoen lan)
01. แมงภู่ตอมดอก (maeng phu tom dok)
02. ตังหวาย (tang wai)
03. สาวชมหาด (sao chom hat)
04. ชากใบ (chak bai)
05. เกี้ยวสาวเข็ญฝ้าย (kiao sao choen fai)
06. ถอนกล้าดำนา (thon kla dam na)
07. แอ่วสาวภูไท (aeo sao phu thai)
08. ลำเพลิน (lam phloen)
09. เซิ้งบ้องไฟ (soeng bong fai)
10. เต้ยโขง (toei khong)
11. นางนาค (nang nak)
12. ไล่วัวข้ามกู (lai wua kham ku)

today we'll hear some fantastic northeastern grooves from the sanguan sin band! the xylophone-like pong lang, thought to derive from a signal instrument used by rice farmers, was adapted for ensemble by national artist plueang chairatsami. the sanguan sin group comprises a typical isan big band; drums, cymbals, phin, khaen, electric bass and of course, the featured instrument. another awesome dense and energetic tape of pong lang music.. enjoy!!


Monday, July 28, 2014

waiphot phetsuphan: plong tok

artist: ไวพจน์ เพชรสุพรรณ (waiphot phetsuphan)
album: ปลงตก (plong tok)
01. ปลงตก (plong tok)
02. แก้มตุ่ย (kaem tui)
03. บอกให้เอาบุญ (bok hai ao bun)
04. ข้อยซิฮักเจ้าหลาย (khoi si hak chao lai)
05. กฐินลูกทุ่ง (kathin luk thung)
06. ปลงตก (ดนตรี) (plong tok (instrumental))
07. สำเนียงอยู่ไหน (samniang yu nai)
08. ระบำชาวไร้ (rabam chao rai)
09. เมียรอคิว (mia ro queue)
10. แม่แก้วลืมดง (mae kaeo luem dong)
11. ลิเกมาแล้ว (like ma laeo)
12. แก้มตุ่ย (ดนตรี) (kaem tui (instrumental))

this week, a fantastic offering from the mighty waiphot phetsuphan! a national artist and luk thung boss nonpareil, waiphot has been a staple of the thai country music scene for half a century. born into a musical family from central thailand's suphanburi province, waiphot was trained from a toddler's age in a range of local styles. at 14 he joined a local liké theatre troupe, and at 16 won his first song contest. he was discovered shortly after by singer chaichana bunnachot, who introduced him to samniang muangthong, leader of the ruam daokrachai band. waiphot's powerful voice and spiritual focus have made him one of the most enduring and omnipresent characters of thai popular music. this tape alone should put to rest any doubts of his deserving such a post. enjoy!!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ruam hit bashir wongmasoh

artist: บาซิร วงษ์มะเซาะห์ (bashir wongmasoh)
album: รวมฮิต บาซิร วงษ์มะเซาะห์ (ruam hit bashir wongmasoh)
01. มู่ซีฮะห์ (musihah)
02. ซีตีรอฮานี (siti rohani)
03. ยางัน ฮัยยางัน (jangan hai jangan)
04. กูซิมาชาละห์ (kusi masalah)
05. ฮันยาลา (hanyalah)
06. แห้วอีกแล้ว (haew ik leaw)
07. ฉันมันโง่เอง (chan man ngo eng)
08. รักนี้เพื่อเธอ (rak ni phuea thoe)
09. หัวใจที่ถูกทำลาย (hua chai thi thuk thamlai)
10. ส่งใจจากปอเนาะต์ (song chai chak pondok)

we're back this week with some islamic power pop! i don't have many facts about mr. bashir, but both his style and the fact that i got the tape from yanavy sound makes me think he's part of bangkok's arab-malay cohort.. not to mention that he shares a surname with sobah from baby arabia. this cassette is a collection of his greatest hits (side 1 sung in malay, side 2 in thai) which i would imagine were current to the late 80s/early 90s, going by the dangdut-inflected guitar/keyboard licks and drum machine action. enjoy!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

kantruem mohai

artist: กันตรึมสุรินทร์ (kantruem surin)
album: กันตรึมโมฮาย (kantruem mohai)
01. กันตรึมโมฮาย (kantruem mohai)
02. สัตว์เซ้ (sat se)
03. เจิงปีร์ (choeng pi)
04. เปลญวน (ple yuan)
05. กระเชาะผมโปง (kracho phom pong)
06. อังแก๊บ (angkaep)
07. เชี๊บ ๆ (chiep chiep)
08. ซาระยัง (sarayang)

this week, some excellent old-style kantruem music from surin! while the dominant image of kantruem is the modern brand of produced pop-style material, there's a older living form (tang doem) that's often overlooked. the melody is carried by the fiddle here, too, but the rhythm section is all drums & cymbals, with male & female singers trading khmer-language vocals. the extremely generic name apparently given for this ensemble makes me think it's more likely that the folks at ligo just couldn't be bothered with discographical details. whoever these folks are, though, they've got their stuff together.. enjoy!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

phumphuang duangchan: wai na rak

artist: พุ่มพวง ดวงจันทร์ (phumphuang duangchan)
album: วัยน่ารัก (wai na rak)
01. วัยน่ารัก (way na rak)
02. ชู้รัก ชู้รส (chu rak, chu rot)
03. เมาเลยพี่ (mao loei phi)
04. แพงแพ้แพง (phaeng phae phaeng)
05. หนีรัก (ni rak)
06. ช้ำเพราะพี่ (cham phro phi)
07. ตาจ้องตา (ta chong ta)
08. ฉันทนไม่ไหว (chan thon mai wai)
09. ใครคนหนึ่ง (khrai khon nueng)
10. วอนพระช่วยดล (won phra chuai don)
11. สาวเอย สาวเจ้า (sao oei, sao chao)
12. แม่หม้ายสงคราม (mae mai songkhram)
13. วิวาห์อาลัย (wiwa alai)
14. น้องแดง (nong daeng)
15. ทำใจเย็น (tham chai yen)
16. เป้งเข้าหน้าแง (peng khao na ngae)

once more, the queen of luk thung, ms. phumphuang duangchan! from her early days as "namphueng mueangsuphan" in waiphot phetsuphan's band to her tragic death at 31, phumphuang helped revitalize luk thung in the 1980s and redefine notions of stardom in thailand. the songs on today's cassette are not among her most well-known, but there are still some great moments. enjoy!


Monday, June 2, 2014

rungphet laemsing: fon duean hok

artist: รุ่งเพชร แหลมสิงห์ (rungphet laemsing)
album: ฝนเดือนหก (fon duean hok)
01. ฝนเดือนหก (fon duean hok)
02. กบจำศีล (kop cham sin)
03. กบคนองฝน (kop khonong fon)
04. เขาลืมเราแล้ว (khao luem rao laeo)
05. ปีหน้าพาเที่ยวกรุง (pi na thieow krung)
06. คืนฝนตก (khuen fon tok)
07. น้ำลงเดือนยี่ (nam long duean yi)
08. แล้วแต่วาสนา (laeo tae watsana)
09. ความรักเจ้าขา (khwam rak chao kha)
10. สงกรานต์บ้านนา (songkran ban na)

it's the sixth month of the year, the beginning of thailand's rainy period, so let's start it with rungphet laemsing's timeless song of the season! a native of phetchaburi province, rungphet got his start singing the songs of khamron sambunnanon while studying to be a combat medic. in 1961, as a royal guard stationed in bangkok, he fell in with phayong mukda's group, before defecting to samniang muangthong's ruam daokrachai band a year later. he became a personal favorite of legendary songwriter phaibun butkhan, who even set him up for a spot on the silver screen. when rungphet skipped his first movie shoot, however, phaibun lost face and broke off all relations with the singer, effectively ending his career. though his stardom may have been cut short, we still have these beautiful recordings from back in his prime. enjoy!


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

snaeh chlong veha / rak kham khop fa

this week's post comes courtesy of the wonderful folks at the cambodian vintage music archive! they collect & share songs from the "golden era" of khmer popular music (1950s-1970s), across a number of online platforms.. follow their facebook page for all their latest uploads

artist(s): ឌី សាវ៉េត & ស៊ីន ស៊ីសាមុត (dy saveth & sinn sisamouth)
album: ស្នេហ៍ឆ្លងវេហាស៍ / รักข้ามขอบฟ้า (snaeh chlong veha / rak kham khop fa)
01. ស្នេហ៍ឆ្លងវេហាស៍ (snaeh chlong veha)
02. รักข้ามขอบฟ้า (rak kham khop fa)

today's post highlights a rare & beautiful collaboration; the 1971 khmer-thai film snaeh chlong vaeha / rak kham khop fa. directed by thai national artist s. asanachinda for asia films, it starred sombat methani & aranya namwong of thailand with their cambodian counterparts chea yuthon & dy saveth in a tale of star-cross'd lovers. the soundtrack, although bilingual, was sung entirely by cambodian singers; leading lady dy saveth took a turn on vocals, as well as legendary stars sinn sisamouth & ros sereysothea. this 45 features the former two in a duet over the title theme, first in khmer then in thai.