Sunday, March 18, 2018

sianglaem kaemmumang: atchariya molam #1

artist: เซียงแหลม แกมหมู่มั่ง (sianglaem kaemmumang)
album: อัจฉริยะหมอลำ # 1 ฟังเสียงเขียงฟักลาบ (atchariya molam #1 fang siang khiang fak lap)
01. ฟังเสียงเขียงฟักลาบ (fang siang khiang fak lap)
02. ฮักสาวอาชีวะ (hak sao achiwa)
03. ชีวิตฮ้างคือฮังมดแดง (chiwit hang khue hang mot daeng)
04. จักรยานพาเพ (chakkrayan pha phe)
05. วอนลมห่มใจ (won lom hom chai)
06. ฮักเลี้ยวลำเสียวเค็ม (hak liao lam siao khem)
07. ไซหลังหล่า (sai lang la)
08. โทษฆ่าแขวนคอ (thot kha khwaen kho)
09. อ่านกิน (an kin)
10. ฝากรักออกอากาศ (fak rak ok akat)
11. หนี้ (ni)
12. หลุมดักใจ (lum dak chai)

this week, some great molam prayuk from sianglaem kaemmumang! i don't know much about mr. sianglaem (real name: bunthiang suepsunthon), but a helpful youtube commenter1 has identified this album as classic "kalasin-style", and the album is brought to us by the phairot phanit company out of neighbouring roi-et province, which seems to situate the music fairly efficiently. from a quick survey online, it looks like sianglaem was still performing, as part of the laemnarong promotions group, as recently as 2013. the singer is author of most all the lyrical content on this 1996 cassette, and music is provided by the consistently excellent a. num phuthai. enjoy!


Thursday, March 1, 2018

wara worawet & chorus

artist: วราห์ วรเวช (wara worawet & chorus)
album: เพลงขับร้องประสานเสียง (phleng khaprong prasan siang)
01. ดอยอินทนนท์ (doi inthanon)
02. เขากับเรา (khao kap rao)
03. หากรักก็บอกมา (hak rak ko bok ma)
04. พะวงรัก (phawong rak)
05. บึงน้ำฟ้า (bueng nam fa)
06. อำนาจรัก (amnat rak)
07. อำลาอาลัย (amla alai)
08. เป่าปี่ (pao pi)
09. ไม่มีงานไม่มีเงิน (mai mi ngan mai mi ngoen)
10. แย่งกันทำไม (yaeng kan thammai)

this week, mixed chorus meets thai funk! our featured artist today, wara worawet (a physician by profession, graduating from the university of pennsylvania in 1961) is also a prolific songwriter, having a number of luk krung & thai sakon-style hits to his name, as well as a leader of the musical association of thailand under patronage of his majesty the king. this cassette features the university choir-style harmonies which seemed to be all the rage in 1970s bangkok, mixed with the light & airy thai funk style also popular at the time. enjoy!


Monday, February 19, 2018

phimchan khwansuda: bo lai, bo luem

artist: พิมพ์จันทร์ ขวัญสุดา (phimchan khwansuda)
album: บ่ไล บ่ลืม (bo lai, bo luem)
01. รักคนอ้วน (rak khon uan)
02. อย่ามองอย่างนั้น (ya mong yang nan)
03. จะคอยดู (cha khoi du)
04. รักคนมาดแมน (rak khon mad maen)
05. คืนนี้นะ (khuen ni na)
06. ลืมนาหลงกรุง (luem na long krung)
07. ขอทีได้ไหม (kho thi dai mai)
08. ฉันเหงานะ (chan ngao na)
09. ฉันจะคอย (chan cha khoi)
10. เมียเก่าเขาทิ้ง (mia kao khao thing)
11. คืนเหงาเฝ้าคอย (khuen ngao fao khoi)
12. บ่ไล บ่ลืม (bo lai, bo luem)

this week, we'll hear some hi-nrg 90s luk thung sounds! little-known today, miss phimchan had some regional success in the northeast, particularly with this cassette's single, the lone ballad among an album of driving disco. i haven't been able to track down much in the way of biographical details, but the album's cover sells her as sao siang kangsadan, "the girl with the voice of a moon-shaped bell". thanks also to the j-card, i can tell you that her album was a project of olan noichoi (a.k.a. mu rota), with prayong chuenyen and num phuthon along for words & music. but that's about it.. enjoy!


Monday, February 12, 2018

suthep wongkamhaeng: alai tokyo

artist: สุเทพ วงศ์กำแหง (suthep wongkamhaeng)
album: อาลัยโตเกียว (alai tokyo)
01. อาลัยโตเกียว (alai tokyo)
02. พี่กลับมาแล้ว (phi klap ma laeo)
03. เกิดมาอาภัพ (koet ma aphap)
04. ผมผลัดวิวาห์ (phom phlat wiwa)
05. อโหสิกรรม (ahosikam)
06. จะคอยขวัญใจ (cha khoi khwanchai)
07. กลิ่นรักโลมใจ (klin rak lom chai)
08. หลับไม่ลง (lap mai long)
09. พี่สาว (phi sao)
10. บ้านเรา (ban rao)
11. ศรีมาลา (si mala)
12. ฉันรักเธอ (chan rak thoe)
13. ฝากหัวใจ (fak hua chai)
14. แม่กลอง (mae klong)
15. รักครั้งแรก (rak khrang raek)
16. เพียงจูบเดียว (phiang chup diao)
17. สวรรค์ในเรือเพลง (sawan nai ruea phleng)
18. เกิดมาต้องพึ่งกัน (koet ma tong phueng kan)

this week, a "far east"-accented entry from a luk krung veteran! mr. suthep wongkamhaeng of khorat (nakhon ratchasima) left his career in visual arts to join the royal thai air force band, after being spotted gigging as an intermission performer at bangkok movie theatres. following his tour of duty, suthep became a staple in the most popular of bangkok nightclubs and appeared frequently in mid-century silver screen musicals. the songs on this album, "in remembrance of tokyo", date from around 1960, when the star singer returned home after a 3-year hiatus to revisit his first love of visual arts; touring japan to study that nation's local painting traditions. as you may imagine, a sweet, sorrowful enka sound results, in addition to the typical luk krung thai-latin and crooner affairs.. enjoy!


Thursday, February 1, 2018

suntharaphon big band: talung ramwong

artist: ชาวคณะ สุนทราภรณ์ (suntharaphon big band)
album: ตลุง รำวง (talung ramwong)
01. ตลุงมอญซ่อนผ้า (talung mon som pha)
02. ตลุงแมลงแฝงดอกไม้ (talung malaeng faeng dok mai)
03. ตลุงดับเพลิงรัก (talung dap phloeng rak)
04. ตลุงพรานบุญ (talung phran bun)
05. ตลุงโนราโนรีศรีธรรมราช (talung nora nori si thammarat)
06. ตลุงเริงใจ (talung roeng chai)
07. ตลุงสากล (talung sakon)
08. ตลุงลำนำ (talung lamnam)
09. ตลุงเร่ (talung re)
10. ตลุงลาก่อน (talung la kon)
11. รำวงสาวบ้านแต้ (ramwong sao ban tae)
12. รำวงลูกทุ่ง (ramwong luk thung)
13. รำวงยังไงกันแน่ (ramwong yang ngai kan nae)
14. รำวงเพลินนาวา (ramwong phloen nawa)
15. รำวงไทยขาย ไทยซื้อ (ramwong thai khai, thai sue)
16. รำวงบ้านนาสำราญ (ramwong ban na samran)
17. รำวงเนื้อคู่อยู่วงรำ (ramwong nuea khu yu wong ram)
18. รำวงความหมายในดวงตา (ramwong khwammai nai duang ta)
19. รำวงตบแผละ (ramwong top phlae)

this week, dance-ready rhythms of talung and ramwong from thailand's preeminent mid-century urban entertainers! the suntharaphon band was an outgrowth of the government public relations department band. geared for the dancehalls of 1950s bangkok, the group played a leading role in popularizing the genres featured on this cassette; inspired by the captivating folk rhythms of south (talung) and northeast (ramwong) thailand, these two state-sponsored steps were intended as local responses to the international dance crazes sweeping thai popular culture at the time, and can still be heard pumped into public areas via p.a. systems any time a traditional holiday rolls around. enjoy!


Saturday, January 13, 2018

somyot thatsanaphan: krathom phraiwan

artist: สมยศ ทัศนพันธ์ (somyot thatsanaphan)
album: กระท่อมไพรวัลย์ (krathom phraiwan)
01. กระท่อมไพรวัลย์ (krathom phraiwan)
02. เรือนหอรอรัก (ruean ho ro rak)
03. ชีวิตนกขมิ้น (chiwit nok khamin)
04. ดุจนกขมิ้นแสวงรัง (dut nok khamin sawaeng rang)
05. แมลงเม่ากับกองเพลิง (malaeng mao kap kong phloeng)
06. นาทีทอง (nathi thong)
07. สายัณห์รำลึก (sayan ramluek)
08. ดวงใจจ๋า (duang chai cha)
09. ฟ้าสางจางรัก (fa sang chang rak)
10. เลือดในอก (lueat nai ok)
11. รังษีรุ่งฟ้า (rangsi rung fa)
12. ชีวิตครู (chiwit khru)
13. ละครหลวงโรง (lakhon luang rong)
14. ผู้ครองใจ (phu khrong chai)
15. สื่อเพลงสวรรค์ (sue phleng sawan)
16. ร่มโพธิ์ทอง (rom pho thong)
17. หยาดฟ้ามาดิน (yat fa ma din)
18. สวรรค์บันดาล (sawan bandan)

this week, some very early thai pop music, from mr. somyot thatsanaphan! mr. somyot was born in bangkok's chinatown, raised in an engineer's shop by his father and stepmother, and attended temple schools for his early years. as a teenager, he played music with friends at a number of temple fairs, winning much local acclaim. eventually, his noisy rehearsals got him kicked out of the house, and he went to live with his musician friends, supporting himself as a poster artist in between singing gigs. eventually, after hearing that kong duriyang thahan ruea (the famous thai navy band) was auditioning singers, somyot applied and was accepted. in 1945 he cut his first records with the group, writing most tunes himself or in close collaboration. the songs collected on this record date from the mid 50s, when the city/country (luk krung/luk thung) divide in thai popular music was beginning to coalesce, and despite his urban origins, somyot would land in the latter camp, with his lyrics frequently extolling the virtues of rural life. somyot continued to perform as a singer, songwriter and bandleader into his final decade, passing away in 1986 at the age of 71.