Thursday, November 1, 2018

songkhla college of dramatic arts: ram manora

artist: วิทยาลัยนาฏศิลป์ สงขลา (songkhla college of dramatic arts)
album: รำมโนราห์ บรรเลงดนตรีพื้นเมืองใต้ 1 (ram manora: banleng dontri phuen mueang tai, vol. 1)
01. รำมโนราห์ (ram manora)
02. รำมโนราห์ (ram manora - vocal)
03. รำตารีตีปัด (ram taritipat)
04. ระบำเดินพราน (rabam doen phran)
05. ระบำประมง (rabam pramong)
06. ระบำผ้าเต๊ะ (rabam pha te)
07. ระบำบ้องต้น (rabam bong ton)
08. ระบำชักพระ (rabam chak phra)
09. ระบำรองเง็ง (rabam rongngeng)

this week, some brilliant southern folk sounds from songkhla! the musicians of the songkhla college of dramatic arts (which seems now to be defunct.. does anyone know the story?) bring us music from the dramatic dance genre of manora (or nora for short), performances of the jataka tales of manohara. the centrepiece of these acts is the elaborately costumed and often remarkably flexible dancers playing the role of kinnari (half-bird/half-human mythological creatures) [see j-card above]. the instrumental accompaniment is provided by thap (paired drums) plus one deeper drum, pi nai (oboe), nong (paired gongs), and assorted clappers, finger-cymbals, etc. occasionally joined by a vocalist. enjoy!


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