Monday, November 26, 2018

namphueng phet-uthai & her group: tham khwan nak, pt. 2

artist: น้ำผึ้ง เพชรอุทัย - ละเอียด ลูกอุทัย - สุวรรณ แก้วน้ำ (namphueng phet-uthai, la-iat luk-uthai & suwan kaeonam)
album: ทำขวัญนาค 2 (tham khwan nak 2)
01. สอนนาค (son nak)
02. พระสุริยง (phra suriyong)
03. อวยพรนาค (uai phon nak)
04. บายศรี (bai si)
05. เชิญขวัญนาค (choen khwan nak)
06. บายศรีเวียนเทียน (bai si wian thian)
07. ชูชกสองกุมาร (chuchok song kuman)
08. ฉ่อยเรื่องชูชก (choi rueang chu chok)
09. มัทรีกลับจากป่า (matri klap chak pa)
10. มัทรีตัดพ้อ (matri tat pho)
11. พาชูชกชมนก (pha chuchok chom nok)
12. อวยพรลา (uai phon la)

this week's cassette is part of a generous bequest gifted to us by educator cliff sloane, a former professor of ethnomusicology and founder of, a major influence behind this blog.

this week, we have part 2 of namphueng phet-uthai and her group's excellent ceremonial sounds! as namphueng's stage-surname suggests, our artists are based out of uthai thani province in thailand's central plain and specialize in music for any number of events where sacred sounds are required (at the time of writing, you can still book them to perform at your own event!). we've heard from these folks once before here, way back in 2010, when they provided a soundtrack to the thot kathin & thot phapa merit-making festivals. today, we join them at a tham khwan nak, or ordination ceremony for a novice monk. the group includes fellow singers la-iat luk-uthai and suwan kaeonam, performing poetry by sangwian miluenam. while the first side finds them backed by the "78 sound" piphat ensemble as in part 1, the second side finds accompaniment paired down to a more drum-and-fiddle-based group. enjoy!


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I would like to ask if it is legal for me to sample any of these albums. Because they are not available in the usa outside of this website. Just wondering