Monday, February 19, 2018

phimchan khwansuda: bo lai, bo luem

artist: พิมพ์จันทร์ ขวัญสุดา (phimchan khwansuda)
album: บ่ไล บ่ลืม (bo lai, bo luem)
01. รักคนอ้วน (rak khon uan)
02. อย่ามองอย่างนั้น (ya mong yang nan)
03. จะคอยดู (cha khoi du)
04. รักคนมาดแมน (rak khon mad maen)
05. คืนนี้นะ (khuen ni na)
06. ลืมนาหลงกรุง (luem na long krung)
07. ขอทีได้ไหม (kho thi dai mai)
08. ฉันเหงานะ (chan ngao na)
09. ฉันจะคอย (chan cha khoi)
10. เมียเก่าเขาทิ้ง (mia kao khao thing)
11. คืนเหงาเฝ้าคอย (khuen ngao fao khoi)
12. บ่ไล บ่ลืม (bo lai, bo luem)

this week, we'll hear some hi-nrg 90s luk thung sounds! little-known today, miss phimchan had some regional success in the northeast, particularly with this cassette's single, the lone ballad among an album of driving disco. i haven't been able to track down much in the way of biographical details, but the album's cover sells her as sao siang kangsadan, "the girl with the voice of a moon-shaped bell". thanks also to the j-card, i can tell you that her album was a project of olan noichoi (a.k.a. mu rota), with prayong chuenyen and num phuthon along for words & music. but that's about it.. enjoy!


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Thanks for the uploads
Would it be possible to re-upload :

monruedi phromchak: nong daeng khuen thin

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