Sunday, July 29, 2018

royal sprites: rueang chip choi

artist: รอยัลสไปรท์ส (royal sprites)
album: เรื่องจิ๊บจ๊อย (rueang chip choi)
01. เรื่องจิ๊บจ๊อย (rueang chip choi)
02. กินรีเล่นน้ำ (kinari len nam)
03. กิ่งฟ้า (king fa)
04. เจอะคุณเข้าอีกแล้ว (choe khun khao ik laeo)
05. มนต์รักบ้านนา (mon rak ban na)
06. ธาราระทม (thara rathom)
07. เพ้อ (phoe)
08. ลมจ๋า (lom cha)
09. สั่งฟ้าฝากดิน (sang fa fak din)
10. จับปลาสองมือ (chap pla song mue)

this cassette was a generous gift from our pal sam of the (now sadly defunct) archive of southeast asian music!

this week, some classic thai funk! originally styled the royal academy of magic sprites, today's group was founded in 1969 by lead guitar amnat sima and singer adisak prakhunhangsit while they were studying at the poh-chang academy of arts. they played at nightclubs and string combo competitions around bangkok, in friendly rivalry with fellow pop/rock groups like the impossibles. toward the end of the 70s, adisak left the group and sunthon sutcharitchan came on as lead vocalist, whereupon they took on a more funk/disco bent and also began their recording career in earnest. they released a string of successful albums up until 1987, when they disbanded. the cassette featured today was their first for the azona label, released in 1982. enjoy!


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