Monday, July 16, 2018

chinthara phunlap: molam sa-on, vol. 3

artist: จินตหรา พูนลาภ (chinthara phunlap)
album: หมอลำสะออน ชุด 3 น้ำตาหล่นบนเถียงนา (molam sa-on, vol. 3: nam ta lon bon thiang na)
01. น้ำตาหล่นบนเถียงนา (nam ta lon bon thiang na)
02. เหงาใจในต่างแดน (ngao chai nai tang daen)
03. นกตูมร้องน้องสะอื้น (nok tum rong nong sa-uen)
04. รักร้าวที่บึงพลาญ (rak rao thi bueng phalan)
05. เดือนหงายอ้ายสัญญา (duean ngai ai sanya)
06. นั่งซึมใต้ต้นมะยม (nang suem tai ton mayom)
07. หมอชิตสองน้องคอย (mochit song nong khoi)
08. อ้อนอ้ายขายนา (on ai khai na)
09. ซังผู้ชายหลายเมีย (sang phu chai lai mia)
10. ไร่ข้าวโพดโกรธพี่ (rai khao phot krot phi)
11. ปอสี่พี่ไม่มอง (po si phi mai mong)
12. คนสามใจไก่สามขา (khon sam chai kai sam kha)

back in may, we had a great compilation from the first decade of luk thung/molam star chinthara phunlap's career.. this week, we'll hear an entry from a half-decade later! for a quick refresher: chintara came from a farming family in roi-et province and worked her way up through singing contests and radio appearances in khon kaen, before signing to gmm grammy and quickly becoming a best-seller. her high tone and ornamented style of singing have earned her the nickname "the girl with the voice of a phin", and her short haircut and energetic presence made her an icon of her generation. this cassette is the third in her "molam sa-on (pleasing molam)" series, released on her own mastertape label in the year 2000, featuring songwriting from dao bandon and music from sawat sarakham. enjoy!


Unknown said...

Superb. Jintara was an ever-present soundtrack to my time in Thailand in 1999/2000. Have CVDs of hers coming out of my ears. Hugely popular in Laos at the time too it seemed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
She even has a youtube channel where she uploads singles and lives:

Unknown said...

Wonderful, thank you

mr bonkers said...

Grammy have uploaded a lot of never seen before (by me at least) MV's of her early work on their YT channel in the past year or so. Jintara's real name is Tongbai, have seen her 140 times in concerts over the past 18 years. - Peter