Sunday, March 18, 2018

sianglaem kaemmumang: atchariya molam #1

artist: เซียงแหลม แกมหมู่มั่ง (sianglaem kaemmumang)
album: อัจฉริยะหมอลำ # 1 ฟังเสียงเขียงฟักลาบ (atchariya molam #1 fang siang khiang fak lap)
01. ฟังเสียงเขียงฟักลาบ (fang siang khiang fak lap)
02. ฮักสาวอาชีวะ (hak sao achiwa)
03. ชีวิตฮ้างคือฮังมดแดง (chiwit hang khue hang mot daeng)
04. จักรยานพาเพ (chakkrayan pha phe)
05. วอนลมห่มใจ (won lom hom chai)
06. ฮักเลี้ยวลำเสียวเค็ม (hak liao lam siao khem)
07. ไซหลังหล่า (sai lang la)
08. โทษฆ่าแขวนคอ (thot kha khwaen kho)
09. อ่านกิน (an kin)
10. ฝากรักออกอากาศ (fak rak ok akat)
11. หนี้ (ni)
12. หลุมดักใจ (lum dak chai)

this week, some great molam prayuk from sianglaem kaemmumang! i don't know much about mr. sianglaem (real name: bunthiang suepsunthon), but a helpful youtube commenter1 has identified this album as classic "kalasin-style", and the album is brought to us by the phairot phanit company out of neighbouring roi-et province, which seems to situate the music fairly efficiently. from a quick survey online, it looks like sianglaem was still performing, as part of the laemnarong promotions group, as recently as 2013. the singer is author of most all the lyrical content on this 1996 cassette, and music is provided by the consistently excellent a. num phuthai. enjoy!


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