Thursday, July 14, 2022

niranam: yip sip 5

artist: นิรนาม (niranam)
album: หยิบสิบ 5 (yip sip 5)
01. วิวาห์น้ำตา (wiwa nam ta)
02. น้องนางบ้านนา (nong nang ban na)
03. สาวอยู่บ้านได๋ (sao yu ban dai)
04. พี่ทุยหน้าทื่อ (phi thui na thue)
05. ขวัญใจคนจน (khwanchai khon chon)
06. เมียนายร้อยอย่าน้อยใจ (mia nai roi ya noi chai)
07. น้ำตาลาไทร (nam ta la sai)
08. แสงทองแสงธรรม (saeng thong saeng tham)
09. คนที่มองไม่เห็นโลก (khon thi mong mai hen lok)
10. รักกลางจันทร์ (rak klang chan)
this week, phuea chiwit goes luk thung at the hands of nick niranam! as the first artists of their style signed to major label nithithat (n.t. promotion co., ltd.) niranam had a leg up from their 1986 debut on, almost equaling genre stalwarts carabao in popularity. however, despite a string of successful albums, the group shed members until only nick was left, helming the band as essentially a solo act. what niranam did not shed, however, was an audience; nick's first in his yip sip ("snatching ten") series was a million-seller. combining ten "snatched" luk thung classics with his phuea chiwit-style rock vocals and the '80s studio wizardry that characterized nithithat productions, niranam had a winning formula. this 1990 cassette is the fifth in the series, showing no signs of diminishing returns.. enjoy!