Thursday, January 17, 2019

prathuam sukhothai: lae rueang phra chao achattasattru

artist: ประทวน สุโขทัย (prathuam sukhothai)
album: แหล่ เรื่อง พระเจ้าอชาตศัตรู (lae rueang phra chao achattasattru)
01. แหล่ เรื่อง พระเจ้าอชาตศัตรู ตอน 1 (lae rueang phra chao achattasattru, vol. 1)
02. แหล่ เรื่อง พระเจ้าอชาตศัตรู ตอน 2 (lae rueang phra chao achattasattru, vol. 2)

in the hopes that everyone will pardon a long holiday break, we're back today with a personal favorite of mine: fantastic lae from prathuam sukhothai! this one is a bit unique in my collection: i've heard plenty of completely unadorned lae, and plenty of pop-lae (à la waiphot phetsuphan), but i haven't heard much of this particular style; with a half-sung/half-chanted vocal line and piphat backing. the text, written by achan khaemthong, concerns the story from the samaññaphala sutta of king achattasattru (ajatashatru), an early buddhist convert. no biographical info about mr. prathuam was forthcoming, so if you have any please share! in the meantime.. enjoy!