Thursday, December 22, 2022

narathip kanchanawat: tra wai nai duang chai

artist: นราธิป กาญจนวัฒน์ (narathip kanchanawat)
album: ตราไว้ในดวงใจ (tra wai nai duang chai)
01. หัวใจเจ้าชู้ (hua chai chao chu)
02. กลับจากกลอนดอน (klap chak london)
03. ตราไว้ในดวงใจ (tra wai nai duang chai)
04. ขวัญใจ (khwan chai)
05. เฉือนใจ (chuean chai)
06. รักสุดสายรุ้ง (rak sut sai rung)
07. เธอ (thoe)
08. ปรารถนาแห่งหัวใจ (pratthana haeng hua chai)
09. เข็ดรัก (khet rak)
10. คืนเหงา (khuen ngao)
11. ขาดรัก (khat rak)
12. กำแพงรัก (kamphaeng rak)

last time we heard from bangkok soft-rockers chatri.. this week, we'll hear lead singer narathip striking off on his own! i believe this is his debut solo album, released 1985 (the same year as the break-up of chatri). shedding his previous group, he is joined by the already-successful pink panther band, led by wichai punyayan (formerly of silversand). the songwriting is handled by narathip and his wife butsaba kanchanawat (the liners contain an apologetic note about an illness that prevented her from sharing vocal duties on the album, as well). the accompaniment is a bit more electronic than the final chatri album, and pointed towards the increasingly synth-pop angle that narathip's solo career would take. enjoy! 

Monday, December 5, 2022

chatri: rak mai pen

artist: ชาตรี (chatri)
album: รักไม่เป็น (rak mai pen)
01. ภาษาเงิน (phasa ngoen)
02. แสนเสียดาย (saen siang dai)
03. รักไม่เป็น (rak mai pen)
04. จากชายแดน (chak chai den)
05. รักซ้อนรัก (rak son rak)
06. ใคร (khrai)
07. เที่ยวอีสาน (thiao isan)
08. ความหวังใหม่ (khwam wang mai)
09. ฉันรักตะวัน (chan rak tawan)
10. อ้อนรัก (on rak)
11. คู่ใจ (khu chai)
12. หากจะรัก (hak cha rak)
this week, bangkok soft-rockers non-pareil, chatri! chatri was founded in 1969 as a folk revival group by 3 students of photography at bangkok technical college: narathip kanchanawat (daeng), prathueang udomkitchanuphap (mao), and khathawut sathantraiphop (pom). initially all played acoustic guitar, though they later added drummer anuson khamkesom (pui), and expanded their instrumental roles, with mao and pom taking on bass and keyboard duties, respectively. they recorded their first album in 1975 and were leaders of the a.o.r. format in thailand until their break-up in 1985. today's cassette features their 11th record, released in 1982 with emi records. in spite of the especially sunny cover art, this outing actually finds them exploring a slightly heavier sound in places, with guitar distortion and fuzz bass joining alongside their typically chirpy leads and smooth harmonies.. enjoy!