Tuesday, May 29, 2018

chatri sichon: samak rak, samak faen

artist: ชาตรี ศรีชล (chatri sichon)
album: สมัครรัก สมัครแฟน (samak rak, samak faen)
01. สมัครรัก สมัครแฟน (samak rak, samak faen)
02. ชำรักจากชลบุรี (cham rak chak chonburi)
03. รักหรือเปล่า (rak rue plao)
04. รอไม่ไหว (ro mai wai)
05. เมฆบังฟ้า (mek bang fa)
06. แฟนมีแฟนใหม่ (faen mi faen mai)
07. รักเก่าเขาลืม (rak kao khao luem)
08. ขวานทองของไทย (khwan thong khong thai)
09. น้ำตาพ่อตก (nam ta pho tok)
10. ชายสามโบสถ์ (chai sam bot)

this week, i'll be sharing another collection of golden-age luk thung from chatri sichon! (we've had one with an identical title before, albeit a different tracklist, so apologies to everyone trying to keep their discographies straight). chatri, from chonburi, got his start in samniang muangthong's ruam daokrachai band, but left to help suraphon sombatcharoen's wife sinuan rehabilitate their band after her husband's murder in 1968. in that role he was primarily a songwriter, but within a year chatri had founded his own band and cut his first records. this cassette features some those early tracks, propelled by wheezing accordions, hand-drums and chatri's own rough-cut vocals. the b-side features some harder-to-find songs of his, heavy on liké breakdowns and other folk-song flourishes. enjoy!!


Sunday, May 13, 2018

chintara phunlap: ruam hit 8 pi phleng rak chak chintara, vol. 1

artist: จินตหรา พูนลาภ (chintara phunlap)
album: รวมฮิต 8 ปี เพลงรักจาก จินตหรา ชุดที่ 1 (ruam hit 8 pi phleng rak chak chintara, vol. 1)
01. ถูกหลอกออกโรงเรียน (thuk lok ok rong rian)
02. วานเพื่อนเขียนจดหมาย (wan phuean khian chot mai)
03. พลังรัก (phalang rak)
04. คอยรักต่างแดน (khoi rak tang daen)
05. บัวไร้บึง (bua rai bueng)
06. เฮือนสามน้ำสี่ (huean sam nam si)
07. เสียงเศร้าจากสาวนา (siang sao chak sao na)
08. แรงงานข้าวเหนียว (raeng ngan khao niaow)
09. อดีตรักบุญบั้งไฟ (adit rak bun bang fai)
10. สาวอีสานพลัดถิ่น (sao isan phlat thin)
11. สาวติ๋มคอยรัก (sao tim khoi rak)
12. ฝากใจไว้กับเสียงลำ (fak chai wai kap siang lam)

this week, early singles from one of luk thung/molam's most enduring artists! chintara came from a farming family in roi-et province and worked her way up through singing contests and radio appearances in khon kaen, before signing to gmm grammy and quickly becoming a best-seller. her high tone and ornamented style of singing have earned her the nickname "the girl with the voice of a phin", and her short haircut and energetic presence made her an icon of her generation. this cassette marks her first 'greatest hits' package, released on her own mastertape label, collecting material from the first 8 years of her career (1987-1995): a fantastic mix of sentimental luk thung and assertive lam phloen. as of writing, chintara is still topping the charts with her blockbuster single 'tao ngoi'.. hope you'll enjoy hearing the roots of this evergreen star!