Sunday, June 10, 2012

sayan sanya: luk sao phu kan

artist: สายัณห์ สัญญา (sayan sanya)
album: ลูกสาวผู้การ (luk sao phu kan)
01. ลูกสาวผู้การ (luk sao phu kan)
02. นักเพลงคนจน (nak phleng khon chon)
03. รักเธอเท่าฟ้า (rak thoe thao fa)
04. กินอะไรถึงสวย (kin arai thueng suai)
05. นางฟ้ายังอาย (nang fa yang ai)
06. ขาดเธอพี่ขาดใจ (khat thoe phi khat chai)
07. สี่ปีที่คอย (si pi thi khoi)
08. น้ำตาอีสาน (nam ta isan)
09. ลานเทสะเทือน (lan the sathuean)
10. จำปาลืมต้น (cham pa luem ton)
11. พลัดคู่ (phlat khu)
12. สัญญาห้าปี (sanya ha pi)
13. ลารักจากสวนแตง (la rak chak suan taeng)

this week, classic luk thung ballads from the one & only sayan sanya!  born & raised in central thailand's suphan buri province, sayan grew up farming rice with his family.  he started his musical career as a dancer in phongsi woranut's group, gradually moving up to backup singer and eventually forming his own band in 1973.  through the 80's & early 90's he paired up with phumphuang duangchan and reigned as the biggest of luk thung stars. this cassette rounds up his early hits, dating from the late 70's.  the band's slow, dense arrangements behind sayan's nasal crooning have always made a winning combination for me. hope you enjoy as well!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

khine htoo: so

artist: khine htoo
album: so
01. chit chin ye ah pyit dan
02. lo nay taet nyan
03. arr nae chet
04. so
05. khart tar
06. tway wai lan khwae
07. nay nyo chain ah tway
08. shwe la thar hma
09. htwet loet ma yauk taet lan
10. sane par sane
11. lwan nya nay
12. yae san khayee
13. instrumental

i hope everyone will pardon another of my occasional digressions from thai music today, but i wanted to give a heads up to all n.y.-area readers: the legendary 70's burmese "stereo" star khine htoo will be performing in the city saturday, june 30th at the laguardia performing arts center in long island city.  he will be joined by tin zar maw, chaw su khin & supan htwar for their "3 generations tour u.s.a.".  khine htoo was among a handful of pioneering rock stars who won fame in the 70's & 80's for penning original compositions, or "own tunes" (the majority of burmese popular music consists of foreign cover songs) which he performed with his bands the phoenix and later the aces (who back him on this 1981 cassette).  all credit to dr. lun swe for originally sharing this classic recording at his blog.  enjoy!