Friday, September 4, 2015

khana pong lang ubon

artist(s): คณะ โปงลางอุบลฯ (khana pong lang ubon)
album: รางวัลกิตติคุณสัมพันธ์ สังข์เงิน ''สาขา'' เผยแพร่ศิลปวัฒนธรรมพื้นบ้าน (rangwan kittikhun samphan sang ngoen ''sakha'' phoei phrae sinlapawatthanatham phuen ban)
01. ศรีไผทสมันต์ (si phathai saman)
02. มโหรีอีสาน (mahori isan)
03. เซิ้งโปงลาง (soeng pong lang)
04. ลำเพลินแมงตับเต่า (lam phloen maeng tap tao)
05. กินระบีบ (kin rabip)
06. เดี่ยวพิณ (dieow phin)
07. เดี่ยวโปงลาง (dieow pong lang)
08. บายศรีสู่ขวัญ (bai si su khwan)
09. อุบลราชธานี (ubon ratchathani)
10. เต้ยโขง (toei khong)
11. น้อมสำนึกในน้ำพระทัยจากในหลวง (nom samnuek nai nam phrathai chak nai luang)
12. เบิ่งแญงอุบลฯ ๒๐๐ ปี (boeng yaeng ubon 200 pi)
13. ซำฮะ (sam ha)

this week, a great old cassette from the pong lang ubon band! i'm delighted to be able to share some information direct from one of the musicians, the esteemed achan tinnakorn attapaiboon of mahasarakham university, who shared the following reminiscences:

"we recorded this album at mr. phaibun supawari's bang po studio [in bangkok], under the financing of dr. sukri charoensuk. this is because some of the songs from those sessions (including a lam phuen by national artist thongmak chanthaluea) would be used for a compilation album phleng chao siam 4 phak that dr. sukri was putting together. as for the molam featured here, her name was maliwan khamloi; she lives in germany now. her older brother was a musician as well, and he joined us on khaen for this recording. the session also happened to coincide with ubon ratchathani's 2nd centenary in 1992. i sang lead vocals and played wot for the song 'ubon ratchathani' [track 9], which was written by achan thoet bunyaratphan in a folksong style. our band won the silver conch award from the government public relations department that year. chatchai chunhawan was chairman at that time, and presented us with the award during a ceremony at the ambassador hotel [in bangkok]."

thanks so much, achan tinnakorn!