Monday, April 24, 2023

arisman: khwam mai khong phu chai khon nueng

artist: อริสมันต์ (arisman)
album: ความหมายของผู้ชายคนหนึ่ง (khwam mai khong phu chai khon nueng)
01. ไม่เจียม (mai chiam)
02. เธอลำเอียง (thoe lam iang)
03. จริงใจ (ching chai)
04. หัวงใจเด็กเด็ก (huang chai dek dek)
05. ครึ่งทางใจ (khrueng thang chai)
06. เชื่อซิ (chuea si)
07. จากกันด้วยดี (chak kan duai di)
08. รอยยิ้มและเสียงเพลง (roi yim lae siang phleng)
09. ของใหม่ (khong mai)
10. อย่าทนง (ya thanong)

this week, bangkok-style soft-rock from arisman phongrueangrong! born in ratchaburi to parents of chinese and indian descent who were involved in the local liké theatre scene, arisman first moved to bangkok for higher education. he recorded this, his 1989 debut, while working as a vendor at discount clothing stalls around the capitol. produced for r.s. promotion and with music by guitar-ballad maestro itthi phalangkun, the album was a huge hit. his style was considered very unique at the time for his hazy vocals and moody, romantic lyrics. the two made a series of successful records together, before arisman made a move first towards acting and later into politics. in the latter field, he's perhaps best remembered for his participation in the united front for democracy against dictatorship (the red shirts), during which he was arrested several times. he was accused of being one of the movement's "hard-core" leaders, advocating violent means of protest, and was speculated to have fled to neighbouring cambodia. but back to the music: let's enjoy the sweet, late-80s city sounds of arisman!

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

naowarat phongphaibun & suchit wongthet: karaket, vol. 1: phong khao ta

artist: เนาวรัตน์ พงษ์ไพบูลย์ + สุจิตต์ วงษ์เทศ (naowarat phongphaibun & suchit wongthet)
album: การะเกด ชุดที่ ๑ ผงเข้าตา (karaket, vol. 1: phong khao ta)
01. การะเกด (karaket)
02. ชาวนาฮาเฮ (chao na ha he)
03. คนทำนา (khon tham na)
04. ตากับยาย (ta kap yai)
05. วัวควายที่ไม่ได้ไถนา (wua khwai thi mai dai thai na)
06. จันทร์เจ้าขา (chan chao kha)
07. หนทางแห่งหอยทาก (hon thang haeng haeng hoi thak)
08. เจ้านกกางเขน (chao nok kangkhen)
09. ใครคือครู (khrai khue khru)
10. กัณหาชาลี (kanha chali)
11. ผงเข้าตา (phong khao ta)
12. เจ้าขุนทอง (chao khun thong)
13. คนทำทาง (khon tham ngan)

this week, thanks to a fantastic gift from artist jesse paul miller, we've got a musical-literary crossover! this album sees writers naowarat phongphaibun (s.e.a. write award winner and national artist in the field of literature) and suchit wongthet (matichon columnist, founder of sinlapa-watthanatham (arts & culture) magazine, and national artist in the field of poetry) continuing a musical collaboration which dates back to their university days in the '70s. while often grouped within the typically folk/rock-oriented phleng phuea chiwit (songs for life) scene, the mahori-esque karaket ensemble is instead composed of local instruments, in keeping with the rejection of western influence that naowarat and suchit championed from the height of thailand's "american era". the melodies in turn are inspired by rural folk-song, in a manner somewhat similar to luk thung. i believe this album dates from the early '80s, but information about it (including the other players) is somewhat scarce. if anyone knows more, please comment. otherwise, enjoy!