Tuesday, August 24, 2021

khana a. kalasin an-thanon: hae sot dontri phuen ban hao, vol. 1

artist: คณะ อ. กาฬสินธุ์ อั้นถนน (khana a. kalasin an-thanon)
album: แห่สดดนตรีพื้นบ้านเฮา ชุดที่ 1 (hae sot dontri phuen ban hao, vol. 1)
01. แห่สดดนตรีพื้นบ้านเฮา ชุดที่ 1 ตอน 1 (hae sot dontri phuen ban hao, vol. 1, pt. 1)
02. แห่สดดนตรีพื้นบ้านเฮา ชุดที่ 1 ตอน 2 (hae sot dontri phuen ban hao, vol. 1, pt. 2)

this week, another excellent offering from takker audio! while i haven't been able to track down any info on a. kalasin an-thanon or his band, i'd assume they're denizens of khon kaen like their label-mates khana rung thawi (though kalasin's name makes me think they could be from just across the provincial border). as with our previous album from takker, we've got 2 nearly 20-minute-long parade-music phin workouts, with a keyboard workstation (looks like a roland xp-10) carrying much of the weight. and while our achan's face-mask might seem eerily contemporary, i'm thinking this recording probably dates from a previous pandemic time (swine flu, 2009?). i picked this up at the sadly defunct major grand in khon kaen in 2010.. miss that place!

Monday, August 2, 2021

the impossibles: pen pai mai dai

artist: ดิอิมพอสซิเบิ้ล (the impossibles)
album: เป็นไปไม่ได้ (pen pai mai dai)
01. เป็นไปไม่ได้ (pen pai mai dai)
02. ไหนว่าจะจำ (nai wa cha cham)
03. คอยน้อง (khoi nong)
04. ทะเลเปี่ยมรัก (thale piam rak)
05. ชาวดง (chao dong)
06. ชั่วนิจนิรันดร (chua nit nirandon)
07. สกุณา (sakuna)
08. นกขมิ้น (nok khamin)
09. เพลงรักทะเลใต้ (phleng rak thale tai)
10. วนาสวรรค์ (wana sawan)
11. ขาดเธอ ขาดใจ (khat thoe, khat chai)
12. พี่เองก็เท่านี้ (phi eng ko thao ni)
13. หากรักเป็นเช่นทะเล (hak rak pen chen thale)
14. ว่าเหว่ (wa we)
15. บุหงาลาก่อน (bunga la kon)
16. คำสุดท้าย (kham sut thai)
17. ห้วงใจรัก (huang chai rak)
18. หมื่นไมล์แค่ใจเอื้อม (muen mile kae chai ueam)
19. อย่ากวนใจทะเล (ya kuan chai thale)
20. สู่อ้อมอกดิน (su om ok kin)

this week, mellow sounds from thailand's premiere string combo! formed in 1966 (though cycling through different names the first few years), the impossibles were among the emergent talents of the country's early pop/rock scene, favorites at nightclubs and song competitions around bangkok. by the early 70s (the era these tracks are culled from) they had settled down for primarily syrupy balladry, before embracing funk and disco in the latter part of the decade, and becoming somewhat of a staple in silver-screen movie-musicals. core members settha sirachaya, winai phanthurak, and rewat phutthinan would all have successful solo careers (performance and music-business-wise). enjoy!

[note: our manufacturer ran out of time for the last track on side b (and graciously struck it from the tracklist) but i've included what they were able to fit on!]