Sunday, January 27, 2013

nang talung ying lamyong kulapsimuang

artist: หนังตลุงหญิง ลำยอง กุหลาบสีม่วง (nang talung ying lamyong kulapsimuang)
album: ต่อต้านเอดส์ (to tan aids)
01. ต่อต้านเอดส์ (to tan aids)
02. อย่าทะเลาะกันนะ (ya thalo kan na)
03. ตามนางแดนใต้ (tam nang daen tai)
04. คำเตือนของพ่อ (kham tuean khong pho)
05. คิดถึงหนังประวิง (khit thueng nang prawing)
06. แม่ค้ามาแล้ว (mae kha ma laeo)
07. จ่าดำผู้กล้าหาญ (cha dam phu kla han)
08. แม่ถ้วนสอนลูก (mae thuan son luk)
09. นายกแก้ปัญหา (nayok kae panha)
10. แม่สอนลูก (mae son luk)
11. มีแต่ปัญหา (mi tae panha)
12. ลำยองเข้ากรุง (lamyong khao krung)
13. ส.ป.ก. 4-01 (s.p.k. 4-01)
14. สาวลำยอง (sao lamyong)

this week, some great southern sounds from ms. lamyong kulapsimuang!  nang talung is the name southern thailand's shadow-puppet theatre, and lamyong is (i think..) somewhat rare in being a female troupe leader.  nang talung leaders front the band from behind the screen, giving voice to a range of characters, both male and female, alternating between song and spoken dialogue.  they are typically called upon to be singer, comedian, puppeteer & bandleader all at once.  the dialogues aim to be not only humorous but edifying, combining high-context jokes, topical commentary and moral teaching (the lead song here concerns the hiv/aids epidemic).  nang talung is probably the most prominent cultural signifier for southern thais.. you can spot the iconic puppets on vehicles, restaurant awnings, t-shirts, etc.  an amazing tradition, still vibrant and popular today.. enjoy!

(an interesting aside: the people at the southeast asian music archive picked out ms. lamyong on a new york rapper's recent mixtape!)


Sunday, January 20, 2013

phumphuang duangchan: kaeo ro phi

artist: พุ่มพวง ดวงจันทร์ (phumphuang duangchan)
album: แก้วรอพี่ (kaeo ro phi)
01. แก้วรอพี่ (kaeo ro phi)
02. น้ำตาไหลซึม (nam ta lai suem)
03. สาวร้อยเอ็ด (sao roi et)
04. รักไม่อันตราย (rak mai antarai)
05. สงสารคุณน้า (songsan khun na)
06. สวยบริสุทธิ์ (suai borisut)
07. น้ำใจคำแก้ว (nam chai kham kaeo)
08. น้ำตาลูกแม่ย่า (nam ta luk mae ya)
09. ดวงจันทร์ไม่มี (duangchan mai mi)
10. พ่อไม่ยอม (pho mai yom)
11. ใจมองตา (chai mong ta)
12. คนคู่ควาย (khon khu khwai)

after this long vacation, let's get back to righting a persistent wrong at this blog... i refer, of course, to the under-representation of phumphuang duangchan, the woman who revitalized luk thung in the 1980's and redefined notions of stardom in thailand.  this cassette takes us straight back to phumphuang's early days as "namphueng mueangsuphan" in waiphot phetsuphan's band.  none of these songs rank among her biggest hits, although the lead single has gotten a bit more well-known recently after its prominent role in the singer's 2011 biopic.  i like them quite a lot; a very different setting for a singer typically thought of as upbeat and sexy.. no small amount of phongsi woranut influence showing, either.  enjoy!