Sunday, January 20, 2013

phumphuang duangchan: kaeo ro phi

artist: พุ่มพวง ดวงจันทร์ (phumphuang duangchan)
album: แก้วรอพี่ (kaeo ro phi)
01. แก้วรอพี่ (kaeo ro phi)
02. น้ำตาไหลซึม (nam ta lai suem)
03. สาวร้อยเอ็ด (sao roi et)
04. รักไม่อันตราย (rak mai antarai)
05. สงสารคุณน้า (songsan khun na)
06. สวยบริสุทธิ์ (suai borisut)
07. น้ำใจคำแก้ว (nam chai kham kaeo)
08. น้ำตาลูกแม่ย่า (nam ta luk mae ya)
09. ดวงจันทร์ไม่มี (duangchan mai mi)
10. พ่อไม่ยอม (pho mai yom)
11. ใจมองตา (chai mong ta)
12. คนคู่ควาย (khon khu khwai)

after this long vacation, let's get back to righting a persistent wrong at this blog... i refer, of course, to the under-representation of phumphuang duangchan, the woman who revitalized luk thung in the 1980's and redefined notions of stardom in thailand.  this cassette takes us straight back to phumphuang's early days as "namphueng mueangsuphan" in waiphot phetsuphan's band.  none of these songs rank among her biggest hits, although the lead single has gotten a bit more well-known recently after its prominent role in the singer's 2011 biopic.  i like them quite a lot; a very different setting for a singer typically thought of as upbeat and sexy.. no small amount of phongsi woranut influence showing, either.  enjoy!



ampn said...

thanx for old Phumphuang!

Dolmance said...

Every time I press the download button, it goes right back to the 15 second countdown. WAAAAH!!!!

peter said...

Hi Dolmance!
this divshare site launches the download automatically in a new window.. it doesn't prompt you with a normal "save as" box. if you have pop-ups blocked or something i think that may cause a problem. let me know if you still have trouble!

Gary said...

Good lord, that sample is so great I almost can't stand it!

john francis lee said...

I have the same problem as Dolmance! Same with all the tracklists. Your site was great while it lasted Peter. Thanks so much. I can still come and read and look at the pictures.

peter said...

hi john, thanks for your concern... i'm not using divshare anymore, switched to adrive about a month ago and i haven't gotten any complaints yet (adrive reports hundreds of downloads for each file) hopefully i'll have time to switch all the old posts over, too

try the most recent posts and let me know if you're still having difficulty!