Monday, September 15, 2014

naang naang: le' ywei sin tei mya

artist: naang naang
album: le' ywei sin tei mya
01. aue tueng pi aay mi yu laue
02. nam khong ue man mi laue
03. pi aay nong te kwaa yaw
04. kon aue nam
05. seng nok tong lo
06. hu tueng se pok maa laa
07. aue pew moe khaaw may
08. unknown title
09. seng taang maue
10. kaang aue ko sum taang hak
11. mok hong aw
12. kho kwaam yuen thueng aay ko haan
13. te moe nay ko moe loy loy
14. ngaw loen ngaw laaw
15. yaa aue lek naa aay
16. unknown title

i hope everyone will forgive the long absence.. i've been in the middle of another transcontinental move! i figure after such a break i'd better come back with something big; so today we'll hear from the incredible female-fronted shan rock group, naang naang. i don't know anything about the composition or history of the group, other than that they're from burma/myanmar's shan state, which shares a long and porous border with northern thailand. i also know that they have one of the heaviest guitars in the golden triangle! i got a lot of questions about this band after i played the lead track here on gary sullivan's awesome radio show, so this cassette should make a few people pretty happy.. enjoy!!