Sunday, January 31, 2021

kaeotalai-wilai: so nam thuam


artist: แก้วตาไหล-วิไล (kaeotalai-wilai)
album: ซอน้ำท่วม (so nam thuam)
01. ซอน้ำท่วม (so nam thuam)
02. ซอแอ่วสาวจอมทอง-ซออวยพร (so aeo sao chom thong ; so uaiphon)

this week's post marks the eighth in a series of cassettes gifted to us by educator cliff sloane, founder of, a major influence behind this blog.

this week, some great music of the lanna region, with mr. kaeotalai and mrs. wilai! our master so singer kaeotalai (talai kanthachan) of lamphun province is a luminary of the genre, known throughout the north for his quick and skillful lyricism. he's joined on this cassette by a woman who goes by wilai, although i was unable to establish her full name. their musical accompaniment consists of a salo (fiddle), a sueng (plucked, fretted lute) and a trio of pi (free-reed bamboo pipes). a fantastic local recording.. enjoy!

Friday, January 15, 2021

kung kittikhun chiansong: amata super classic

artist: กุ้ง กิตติคุณ เชียรสงค์ (kung kittikhun chiansong)
album: อมตะซูเปอร์คลาสสิก (amata super classic)
01. คืนนี้พี่คอยเจ้า (khuen ni phi khoi chao)
02. มนต์รักเรียกหา (mon rak riak ha)
03. คิดถึง (khit thueng)
04. เท่านี้ก็ตรม (thao ni ko trom)
05. ยามชัง (yam chang)
06. รักอย่ารู้คลาย (rak ya ru khlai)
07. เสน่หา (saneha)
08. ในอ้อมกอดพี่ (nai om kot phi)
09. ไกลชู้ (klai chu)
10. คืนนั้น (khuen nan)
11. กลิ่นรักโลมใจ (klin rak lom chai)
12. คำคน (kham khon)

let's start 2021 with a bit of easy listening, shall we? kung kittikhun, of southern thailand's nakhon si thammarat province, spent time in the united states of america, attending the university of north texas, and perhaps it was this place of study that put him on the path to be thailand's "king of country music". not thai 'country music' as the local genre 'luk thung' is often translated, but rather more of a john denver-style folksy americana. today's cassette, on n.t. promotion co. ltd. from 1990, finds him in "super classic" mode, taking on a number of more urbane luk krung ballads, most of which were made famous by the suntharaphon crew (suthep wongkamhaeng, thanongsak phakdithewa, charin nanthanakhon, etc.)