Tuesday, April 24, 2012

naruephon & surang duriyaphan

artist: นฤพนธ์ + สุรางค์ ดุริยพันธ์ (naruephon & surang duriyaphan)
album: เพลงไทยเดิม (thai classical music)
01. บุหลัน 2 ชั้น (bulan, 2nd tempo level)
02. ปี่แก้วน้อย (pi kaeo noi)
03. นกขมิ้น 2 ชั้น (nok khamin, 2nd tempo level)
04. ใบ้คลั่ง 2 ชั้น (bai khlang, 2nd tempo level)
05. ม้าย่อง (ma yong)
06. ขึ้นพลับพลา (khuen phlapphla)
07. แขกมอญบางช้าง 2 ชั้น (khaek mon bang chang, 2nd tempo level)
08. เขมรพวง 2 ชั้น (khmer phuang, 2nd tempo level)

this week, a rare glimpse here into the thai classical tradition!  you'd be forgiven for thinking, from the content of this site, that i don't have much interest in thai classical music.. but that's really not the case.  rather, it's down to the fact that i like to have as much background as i can on the artists i present here, and that the world of classical releases is, more often than not, totally devoid of discographical info.  that said, this week's cassette is well-annotated, due to the presence of two star vocalists, mr. naruephon & ms. surang duriyaphan.  this brother-sister duo are the children of khru nieow duriyaphan, head of the thai fine arts department under luang wichitwathakan in the 1930's.  here they are backed by khana duriyaphan, the legendary group of instrumentalists assembled by their father.  this is thai classical vocal music of the first order.. enjoy!