Sunday, September 20, 2020

nang pathom ai-lukmi: klon sapphali huan 1

artist: หนังปฐม อ้ายลูกหมี (nang pathom ai-lukmi)
album: กลอนสรรพลีหวน ๑ (klon sapphali huan 1)
01. กลอนสรรพลีหวน ๑ ตอน 1 (klon sapphali huan 1, pt. 1)
02. กลอนสรรพลีหวน ๑ ตอน 2 (klon sapphali huan 1, pt. 2)

this week, music from southern thailand's shadow-puppet theatre! our puppet-master today is the great nang pathom ai-lukmi, whom we sadly lost in 2018. his troupe was the first to tour nang talung in a "concert"-style, during his 40-plus years of performing and teaching1. this tape, recorded in 1991, contains the story "sapphali huan", a rather ribald anonymous poem of the nakhon si thammarat area, dating from the 17 or 1800s. delivered with a speak-singing style in the southern dialect, backed by clappers, cymbals, and boxed-gongs, in between bursts of larger ensemble music led by the pi nok reed oboe. enjoy!