Sunday, August 21, 2016

thongmai mali: lam phaen.. tha duan lao

artist: ทองมัย มาลี (thongmai mali)
album: ลำแพน.. ท้าดวลเหล้า (lam phaen.. tha duan lao)
01. ลำแพนท้าดวลเหล้า (lam phaen tha duan lao)
02. ลำแพนเมาชาบ้ารัก (lam phaen mao cha ba rak)
03. ลำแพนขันอาสา (lam phaen khan asa)
04. ลำแพนลาแฟนเข้าบวช (lam phaen la faen khao buat)
05. ลำแพนห้ามเจ้าบ่ฟัง (lam phaen ham chao bo fang)
06. ลำแพนให้มึงจื่อบักหัวใจ (lam phaen hai mueng chue bak hua chai)
07. ลำแพนงามคือดารา (lam phaen ngam khue dara)
08. ลำแพนสาวร่อนเร่ (lam phaen sao ron re)
09. ลำแพนสุรามาเฟีย (lam phaen sura mafia)
10. ลำแพนคนค๊วดๆ เขี่ยๆ (lam phaen khon khuat khuat khia khia)

this week, some groovy lam phaen from mr. thongmai mali! coming from doi inthanon's circle of stars in the 80s, thongmai was one of the earliest and chief practitioners of the lam phaen style, which seems to have been the link between 70s lam phloen, which first wedded traditional lam with international pop influences, and lam sing, the manic, racy non-stop party music of the 90s. lam phaen added some speed and raunch to the former, setting pace for the brilliant excesses to come. it was also alleged by one source, at least, to have been influenced by the music and/or speech patterns of the kui people in sisaket province. is there any truth to this? who knows? enjoy!


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

team ngan khon thai phu: sound dontri lam sing, vol. 1

artist: ทีมงานคนไทภู (team ngan khon thai phu)
album: ซาวด์ดนตรี ลำซิ่ง ชุด 1 (sound dontri lam sing, vol. 1)
01. ซิ่งเทพธิดาเทวี (sing thepthida thewi)
02. ซิ่งขายหัวเราะ (sing khai hua ro)
03. ผู้ใหญ่ลีขอซิ่ง (phu yai li kho sing)
04. ซิ่งไอ้เซียงหมี (sing ai siang mi)
05. ซิ่งสาระวัน (sing sarawan)
06. ซิ่งสาวหยิกแม่ (sing sao yik mae)

this week, some instrumental wonder from northeast thailand! the "khon thai phu [/phu thai?] work-team" are a little-known group, recording for ubon ratchathani's ratchabut stereo. here they turn in a cassette's worth of phin-khaen workouts, strongly influenced by the lam sing style, the hip, "racing", 1990s technological update to the molam tradition. drum machines, electric bass and synthesizer back up the soloists. needless to say, great stuff.. enjoy!