Monday, December 29, 2008

khamron sambunnanon: huay tai din

singer: คำรณ สัมบุญณานนท์ (khamron sambunnanon)
album: หวยใต้ดิน (huay tai din)
01. หวยใต้ดิน (huay tai din)
02. ชายใจพระ (chai chai phra)
03. โจรกลับใจ (chon klap chai)
04. เสือสั่งถ้ำ (suea sang tham)
05. นักบุญใจบาป (nak bun chai bap)
06. รอยแค้นของคนคุก (roi khaen khong khon khuk)
07. คนบ้ากัญชา (khon ba kancha)
08. กระท่อมกัญชา (krathom kancha)
09. สอนลูกให้เป็นโจร (son luk hai pen chon)
10. เสือสำนึกบาป (suea samnuek bap)
11. คนพเนจร (khon phanechon)
12. มึงมันกากี (mueng man kaki)

this week we travel back to the very genesis of pleng luk thung, with the immortal khamron sambunnanon. dating from the late 1930's, this sort of music was known at the time simply as เพลงตลาด ("pleng talat" or "market songs"), and while the instrumentation is of the same "modern thai" style heard in the urbane luk krung, the lyrics provide the precedent for the sort of social consciousness that defines luk thung. khamron's songs were among the first to address the underclass of thai society; his characters are often gamblers, bandits, vagabonds, and ganja addicts. this is a very old tape, and while the tunes in some places threaten to vanish under a blanket of warm distortion, it's a true historical document, and the songs are wonderful as well!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

little angels children's choir: christmas song collection

singers: 小天使兒童合唱團 (little angels children's choir)
album: 聖誕歌集 (christmas song collection)
01. 鹿車到了 (sleighride)
02. 小雪人 (little snowman)
03. 天使報佳音 (angels bring good tidings)
04. 白色聖誕 (white christmas)
05. 齊唱聖誕快樂 (sing merry christmas together)
06. 搖籃曲 (lullabye)
07. 聖誕老人來了 (santa claus has come)
08. 聖誕禮物 (christmas presents)
09. 聖誕小孩最開心 (most joyful children on christmas)
10. 平安夜 (christmas eve)
11. 這倜晩上 (this evening)
12. 報佳音 (good tidings)

this week, in the spirit of the holidays, a momentary diversion from theme: for chinese christmas carols! this tape originated in thailand's (not-quite-next-door) neighbour to the south, the city-state of singapore. it's a collection of western christmas carols sung by chinese children, and i imagine that's all i need say by way of recommendation. i'm not sure exactly which variety of chinese the kids are singing.. it's not mandarin, i'd wager a guess that it's hokkien or cantonese? anyone know? since i don't, i gave english translation rather than transcription here. anyhow, this wonderful gem was picked up by alexandra from a dollar bin on the sidewalks of manhattan's chinatown. thanks alexandra!!! please enjoy & have wonderful holidays! fantastic thai music returns soon!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

kan kaewsuphan: aepmon

singer: ก้าน แก้วสุพรรณ (kan kaewsuphan)
album: แอบมอง (aepmong)
01. แอบมอง (aepmong)
02. ดาวจรัสแสง (dao charatsaeng)
03. หนุ่มเมืองนนท์ (num mueang non)
04. บ้านน้องอยู่ไหน (ban nong yu nai)
05. ดอกดินถวิลดาว (dok din thawin dao)
06. นางในดวงใจ (nangnai duangchai)
07. ขาดเธอฉันคงไม่ตาย (khat thoe chan khong mai tai)
08. ใจหล่นที่มุกดาหาร (chai lon thi mukdahan)
09. อย่าหลงบางกอก (ya long bangkok)
10. หลับไม่ลง (lap mai long)
11. นางกลางใจ (nang klang chai)
12. ไม่สำคัญ (mai samkhan)
13. น้ำตกนางลอย (namtok nang loi)
14. เมื่อไหร่จะรัก (muearai cha rak)
15. นางในตู้กระจก (nangnai tukrachok)
16. วันสุดท้าย (wansutthai)

this week, another child of suphan buri, kan kaewsuphan brings us back to the slow, harmonious side of luk thung balladry. a former boxer, kan's uniquely high, mellifluous voice brought him to stardom in the arena of pop songs, after years of struggling as an instrumentalist and backup singer in the biggest combos of the day. this album is from later on in his career; his voice is a bit deeper than at his apex, but is perfectly suited to the indispensable and otherworldly luk thung organ of the 70's, and the gentle ticks & pops of its rhythm machine.

Friday, December 5, 2008

waiphot phetsuphan: ruam tham bun

singer: ไวพจน์ เพชรสุพรรณ (waiphot phetsuphan)
album: รวมทำบุญ (ruam tham bun)
01. รวมทำบุญ (ruam tham bun)
02. ทำบุญกันบ้าง (tham bun kan bang)
03. ขอบอกลาบวช (kho bok la buat)
04. นาคคนจน (nakh khon chon)
05. บวชนาคร่วมสนุก (buat nakh ruam sanuk)
06. เบิกบายศรี (boek bai si)
07. บวชสมบูรณ์แบบ (buat sombun baep)
08. อย่าลืมงานบวช (ya luem ngan buat)
09. เลือดนอกคอก (lueat nok khok)
10. น้ำใจแม่ (nam chai mae)
11. จองไว้ก่อน (chong wai kon)
12. แตรวง (traewong)

waiphot phetsuphan is one of thailand's most enduring stars, and deservedly so! instantly recognizable, his husky voice ranks alongside khun suraphon's as among the most powerful in luk thung, and he holds his own as both a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist as well. after getting his start in the 60's, waiphot took up the mantle of religious singer midway through his career, and began focusing his lyrical content on the life of a good buddhist; this album in particular is full of songs about the joys of young monkhood, nostalgic remembrances of temple fairs, and reminders not to forget your rice offerings! the music is an nice mix of temple drums & drum machine, xylophone & synth, thai melody & western beat, etc. charming and upbeat throughout!