Monday, May 18, 2015

molam, vol. 3: thao ka dam

artist(s): ทองคำ เพ็งดี, ฉวีวรรณ ดำเนิน + คณะ รังสิมันต์ (thongkham phengdi & chawiwan damnoen with the rangsiman group)
album: หมอลำ ชุด 3 ท้าวกาดำ ม้วนที่ 2 (molam, vol. 3: thao ka dam, tape 2)
01. ท้าวกาดำ ตอน 1 (thao ka dam, tape 2, pt. 1)
02. ท้าวกาดำ ตอน 2 (thao ka dam, tape 2, pt. 2)

this week, an excellent old tape featuring some early, early recordings by chawiwan damnoen, back from her days co-starring with thongkham phengdi in the rangsiman group of ubon, between 1965 and 1970. the lam rueng to klon style heard here combines lam klon, where male & female leads engage in a brilliant improvised poetry battles, with lam rueang, a sort of stage-play based on buddhist canon or local folktales. the subject here is the ever-popular story of thao kam ka dam, a boy with dark skin who marries a princess. unfortunately, this is only part 2 of a multi-part series, so you won't be getting the whole story. fortunately, though, there's still a ton of beautiful music to enjoy!