Tuesday, December 5, 2017

thotsaphon himaphan: alai meri

artist: ทศพล หิมพานต์ (thotsaphon himaphan)
album: อาลัยเมรี (alai meri)
01. แหล่อาลัยเมรี (lae alai meri)
02. แหล่เตือนหญิงหม้าย (lae tuean ying mai)
03. แหล่มัทรีรำพัน (lae mathri ramphan)
04. แหล่มัทรีโศก (lae mathri sok)
05. แหล่สี่กษัตริย์เดินดง (lae si kasat doen dong)
06. แหล่นาคสั่งสีกา (lae nak sang si ka)
07. แหล่ชมนก (lae chom nok)
08. แหล่สอนหญิง (lae son ying)
09. แหล่หอยโข่ง ตอน 1 (lae hoi khong, pt. 1)
10. แหล่หอยโข่ง ตอน 2 (lae hoi khong, pt. 2)

this week, a classic cassette from lae star thotsaphon himaphan! hailing from the northerly kamphaengphet province, thotsaphon had an agricultural upbringing before joining the monkhood as a young man. while a monk, his expertise in chant and sermonizing had already earned him wide recognition in his home region. in between his times at temple, thotsaphon earned a living by singing in clubs and at buddhist ordination ceremonies. eventually he was invited to perform with star singer wanchana koetdi, a connection that led to him being signed to four 's[1]. in 1995 he released this cassette, his first and biggest-seller, featuring songs from daeng phalanchai in a lae-luk thung style like that made famous by waiphot phetsuphan, with whom thotsaphon would later collaborate. a spiritually-oriented pop sound, with an extremely ornamented vocal line recalling the sermon style of north/northeastern monks.. enjoy!