Sunday, June 16, 2024

bai mai hin: alternative

artist: ใบไม้หิน (bai mai hin)
album: alternative
01. ณ ราชดำเนิน (na ratchadamnoen)
02. เหงา (ngao)
03. หงิกส์! (ngik!)
04. มนุษย์ (manut)
05. เพื่อนใหม่ (phuean mai)
06. ใบไม้หิน (bai mai hin)
07. ลูกตำรวจ (luk tamruat)
08. สายน้ำ (sai nam)
09. ตำนานร็อคสองฝั่งโข่ง (tamnan rock song fang khong)
10. มือกลอง (mue klong)

this week, protest rock from the bai mai hin band! recorded for mjax entertainment in 1995, the album centers around a retrospective on the events of 1992's "black may", lamenting the brutal crackdown on anti-military protesters and bemoaning the lack of progress since. not a great deal has been written about this group, but the liner notes give us a good start: the lead songwriter and producer was somphot singsuwan, by that point already an old hand, though known best for his contributions to the luk krung genre, rather than phuea chiwit. the performers, overseen by musical director patiphon hemworanan, included chirawat, withaya and wibun of the panphum family (relatives of alt-rock star maeo chirasak panphum), as well as naruephon phanthong (son of luk thung legend chai mueangsing) and anat phutthamat (who has been featured here before as a luk krung singer). none of these individuals, to my knowledge, had a career in the songs for life genre after this, making it something of an interesting footnote to the movement.. enjoy!

Sunday, June 2, 2024

ot & o: rak... wan wan

artist: อ๊อด รณชัย ถมยาปริวัฒน์ + โอ อัจฉรพรรณี หาญณรงค์ (ot ronnachai thomyapariwat & o atcharaphanni hannarong)
album: รัก...หวาน หวาน (rak... wan wan)
01. วนาสวาท (wana sawat)
02. ปาริชาด (parichat)
03. ขวัญ-เรียม (khwan-riam)
04. ธารน้ำรัก (than nam rak)
05. น้ำใจรัก (nam chai rak)
06. เรือรัก (ruea rak)
07. สัญญา (sanya)
08. สองใจเรา (song chai rao)
09. เพื่อน (phuean)
10. ขวัญ-เรียม [บรรเลง] (khwan-riam [instrumental])
this week, some sweet bangkok oldies with ot & o! ronnachai thomyapariwat (ot) was the front-man of khiribun, a star band of the early r.s. sound roster. atcharaphanni hannarong (o), was a label-mate of ot's at r.s., one third of the vocal trio puifai. in 1987, the two came together to try their hand at some luk krung classics on an album called "phlae kao". this cassette from the following year is a second helping of the same: retro city-music selections re-scored by impossibles' alum prachin songphao & co. with lush orchestration and synth backing. enjoy!