Saturday, October 15, 2022

tueanchai bunphraraksa: khong beng du dao

artist: เตือนใจ บุญพระรักษา (tueanchai bunphraraksa)
album: ขงเบ้งดูดาว (khong beng du dao)
01. ขงเบ้งดูดาว (khong beng du dao)
02. ยายฉิมเก็บเห็ด (yai chim kep het)
03. น้ำตาในสายฝน (nam ta nai sai fon)
04. สาวสลัมน้อยใจ (sao slum noi chai)
05. ลำนำน้ำโขง (lam nam nam khong)
06. มอง (mong)
07. ขึ้นๆ ลงๆ (khuen khuen long long)
08. แม่ค้าปลาสด (mae kha pla sot)
09. หาแฟนแข่งกัน (ha faen khaeng kan)
10. จำใจวิวาห์ (cham chai wiwa)
11. กิน (kin)
12. เตือนหญิงไทย (tuean ying thai)
13. เงิน 8 บาท (ngoen 8 baht)
14. แม่จ๋าเฮ็ดจั๋งได๋ (mae cha het chang dai)

this week, thai-style funk and more from luk thung diva tueanchai bunphraraksa! tueanchai was born and raised in central thailand's ratchaburi province. she got her start at a suraphon sombatcharoen concert in her hometown, when she asked the legendary singer if he'd put her on stage, and apparently the audience response was such that she was asked to join up on the spot. after a couple of hit singles, she left the troupe along with several other singers to join the ruam daokrachai band. she later teamed with wipharat prueangsuwan for their song and dance "luk thung hot pants" act, which saw huge success in the capital. tragically, she died in 1989 after being struck by a vehicle while crossing the street[1]. this cassette compiles some of her work for the uea ari (chao kao) label in the late 70s, featuring the compositions of songwriters like chio phichit, suchat thianthong, phongsak chantharukkha and others, with arrangements by prayong chuenyen and sakda faprathan. enjoy!