Sunday, August 21, 2022

chittraphong phonpramot: dontri thai doem diao organ lom

artist: จิตรพงษ์ พรปราโมทย์ (chittraphong phonpramot)
album: ดนตรีไทยเดิม เดี่ยวออร์แกนลม (dontri thai doem diao organ lom)
01. ลาวแพน (lao phaen)
02. เขมรปากท่อ เถา (khmer pak tho thao)
03. เขมรพวง เถา (khmer phuang thao)
04. โสมส่องแสง เถา (som song saeng thao)
05. ธรณีกรรแสง (thorani kansaeng)
06. ราตรีประดับดาว (ratri pradap dao)
07. เขมรไล่ควาย (khmer lai khwai)
08. ค้างคาวกินกล้วย (khangkhao kin kluai)
09. ลาวเสี่ยงเทียน (lao siang thian)
10. ดำเนินทราย (damnoen sai)

this week, a enigmatic gift from our pal gary of bodega pop! gary sent me a handful of cassettes recently, including 3 from this nok kaeo thai classical music series, all featuring cover models in trad costumes and uncredited musicians. after some searching, i was able to attribute this recording to khru chittraphong phonpramot. information about him was still scarce, though, other than a mention of his being a music teacher at samsenwittayalai high school in the mid-70s. also somewhat mysterious is the exact type of organ lom being played; the term describes any sort of air-driven organ, and it's hard to place exactly based on the "hot" (read: distorted) nature of the recording, but my guess would be a pedaled, free-reed sort of unit. whatever style of organ he's playing, chittraphong is joined by percussion and a khlui flute on side two, the latter of which even has a few solo tracks to itself. a very unique cassette.. hope you enjoy! 

Monday, August 1, 2022

monruedi phromchak: thi det 2 lam tangwai

artist: มลฤดี พรหมจักร์ (monruedi phromchak)
album: ที่เด็ด 2 ลำตังหวาย (thi det 2 lam tangwai)
01. สาว ม. 5 บ้ารัก (sao m. 5 ba rak)
02. สายสัมพันธ์ ไทย-ลาว (sai samphan thai-lao)
03. สาวเย็บผ้าหารัก (sao yep pha ha rak)
04. อยากดำให้สะใจ (yak dam hai sachai)
05. น้ำตาแม่ค้า (nam ta mae kha)
06. งานไหลเรือไฟ (ngan lai ruea fai)
07. รักจากจ่ยหล่ย (rak chak choi loi)
08. ของแท้มูนแม่ให้มา (khong thae mum mae hai ma)
09. ตามแฟน (tam faen)
10. มลฤดีมาแล้ว (monruedi ma laeo)
11. ผ้าป่ามาแล้ว (pha pa ma laeo)
12. สาวหมอลำครวญ (sao molam khruan)
this week, i'm sad to report a great loss to the molam world in the recent departing of monruedi phromchak. hailing from ubon ratchathani, monruedi grew up idolizing stars like angkhanang khunchai and chawiwan damnoen. she started performing with a local troupe at age 16, and was introduced to the siang siam label by molam thongkham phaengdi1. monruedi helped to bring more locally-based styles of molam to prominence, becoming particularly known for her lam phu thai and lam tang wai, the latter of which she explores on this 1994 nok kaeo cassette. she passed away peacefully at the age of 68 on july 29th, after a long battle with multiple health problems2