Monday, July 23, 2012

samanchai + phimpha: kantruem mongkhon chong dai

artist: สมานชัย + พิมพา (samanchai + phimpha)
album: กันตรึม มงคลจองได (kantruem mongkhon chong dai)
01. เพลงแห่ (pleng hae)
02. เฮาปรึง (hao phrueng)
03. เพลงมงคล (pleng mongkhon)
04. กะแบยจ๊วลเจก (ka baei chual chek)
05. กันจันเจก (kan chan chek)
06. กัจปะกา (katchpaka)
07. ซอมบายซี (som bai si)

so!  my apologies for the low post rate as of late, but i am happy to say, the reason behind it is that i have been gearing up for a return to thailand!  alexandra and i are headed back to the kingdom for another year at least, with no small likelihood of finding loads of musical treasures to share here, as always.  but anyway, lately i've been listening to alot of khmer music, and so i wanted to share another cassette of isan's magnificent kantruem music, the style played by khmer surin people of south isan.  this particular tape features traditional wedding music, upbeat and joyful, with drum machine & fiddle making their way through shouted background vocals.  i can't say with absolute certainty whether samanchai + phimpha are the performers or the betrothed (or both)... but regardless, this is immensely enjoyable music, hope you feel the same!  see you in bangkok!