Tuesday, September 24, 2013

s. khlaonoi: lok nang iat

artist: ศ. เคล้าน้อย (s. khlaonoi)
album: หลกหนังเอียด (lok nang iat)
01. หลกหนังเอียด ตอน 1 (lok nang iat, pt. 1)
02. หลกหนังเอียด ตอน 2 (lok nang iat, pt. 2)

this week; sounds of the south, from s. khlaonoi! nang talung is southern thailand's shadow-puppet theatre, and s. khlaonoi is among the most renowned of its troupe leaders. these leaders (or hua na) front the band from behind the screen, giving voice to a range of characters, both male and female, alternating between song and spoken dialogue [disclaimer for non-southern thai speakers: this tape is primarily dialogue]. they're typically called upon to be singer, comedian, puppeteer & bandleader all at the same time. nang talung is probably the most prominent cultural signifier for southern thai people.. you can spot the iconic puppets (especially the bawdy ai theng) on vehicles, restaurant awnings, t-shirts and even personified by s. khlaonoi on the tape cover (which to me distinctly resembles a 90's darryl "joe cool" daniel work). enjoy!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

waeo mayura: mai mi khrai rak chan ching

artist: แวว มยุรา (waeo mayura)
album: ไม่มีใครรักฉันจริง (mai mi khrai rak chan ching)
01. ไม่มีใครรักฉันจริง (mai mi khrai rak chan ching)
02. รักเหมือขอบฟ้า (rak nuea khop fa)
03. น้องเป็นคนรักที่เท่าไหร่ (nong pen khon rak thi thao rai)
04. เข็ดกรุงเทพฯ (khet krung thep)
05. รักหล่นเมื่อฝนซา (rak lon muea fon sa)
06. ไปตามดวง (pai tam duang)
07. คนสุดท้าย (khon sut thai)
08. โตเกียวแห่งความหลัง (tokyo haeng khwam lang)
09. คนชื่อปราณี (khon chue prani)
10. รอวันทหารกลับ (ro wan thahan klap)
11. เจอะปุ๊บเกลียดปั๊บ (che pup kliat pap)
12. ทำบุญร่วมชาติ (tham bun ruam chat)

this week, a great old cassette from one of luk thung's most tragic cases, 70's darling waeo mayura. born to a rice farming family in central thailand's uthai thani province, waeo made her way to stardom the old-fashioned way; up through local singing contests, to radio spots, singing for small bands, and finally discovered by the late sayan sanya. sayan was looking for a fresh voice to sing female answer-songs to his hits and brought waeo into his group, where she met her husband, sakon alongkon. the couple left sayan's group together to open a restaurant, but sakon was tragically murdered soon after in a dispute over ownership of the shop. waeo tried to form her own band after the tragedy, but not having the resources to make it happen, had to sell her house and go back to singing in local cafés to earn a living. not long after, she decided to end her own life, at only 30 years of age¹. her music is beautiful, and just about as sorrowful as you'd expect from someone who lived the life she did. enjoy her music, and make sure to check out much more of her over at the kadao ton kao blog!


Monday, September 9, 2013

dontri phuen mueang isan: pong lang

artist: โปงลางกาฬสินธุ์ (pong lang kalasin)
album: ดนตรีพื้นเมืองอีสาน โปงลาง (dontri phuen mueang isan: pong lang)
01. กาเต้นก้อน (ka ten kon)
02. แม่ร้างกล่อมลูก (mae rang klom luk)
03. ลมพัดต้นมะพร้าว (lom phat ton maphrao)
04. นกไทรบินข้ามทุ่ง (nok sai bin kham thung)
05. ภูไทเลาะตูบ (phu thai lo tup)
06. เดี่ยวพิณ (dieow phin)
07. ม้าย่อง (ma yong)
08. เซิ้งสวิง (soeng sawing)
09. รำสาละวัน (ram salawan)
10. สุดสะแนน (sut sanaen)
11. เซิ้งโปงลาง (soeng pong lang)
12. ลำเพลิน (lam phloen)
13. ต้อนวัวขึ้นเขา (ton wua khuen khao)
14. บุญเดือนหก (bun duean hok)
15. เซิ้งภูไท (soeng phu thai)
16. พม่ารำขวาน (phama ram khwan)
17. รำภูไท (ram phu thai)
18. นกโซบินข้ามทุ่ง (nok so bin kham thung)

today, classic northeastern instrumentals from pong lang kalasin! the xylophone-like pong lang, thought to derive from a signal instrument used by rice farmers, was adapted for ensemble by national artist and kalasin native plueang chairatsami. the group on this cassette are plueang's original practitioners, and i imagine few can do it better. after an introductory solo by the featured instrument, the isan big band shows up; drums, cymbals, phin, khaen. outstanding music throughout! dense and energetic. now: why the cassette cover features the phrathat phanom chedi (in nakhon phanom, not kalasin), i'm not sure..