Tuesday, September 24, 2013

s. khlaonoi: lok nang iat

artist: ศ. เคล้าน้อย (s. khlaonoi)
album: หลกหนังเอียด (lok nang iat)
01. หลกหนังเอียด ตอน 1 (lok nang iat, pt. 1)
02. หลกหนังเอียด ตอน 2 (lok nang iat, pt. 2)

this week; sounds of the south, from s. khlaonoi! nang talung is southern thailand's shadow-puppet theatre, and s. khlaonoi is among the most renowned of its troupe leaders. these leaders (or hua na) front the band from behind the screen, giving voice to a range of characters, both male and female, alternating between song and spoken dialogue [disclaimer for non-southern thai speakers: this tape is primarily dialogue]. they're typically called upon to be singer, comedian, puppeteer & bandleader all at the same time. nang talung is probably the most prominent cultural signifier for southern thai people.. you can spot the iconic puppets (especially the bawdy ai theng) on vehicles, restaurant awnings, t-shirts and even personified by s. khlaonoi on the tape cover (which to me distinctly resembles a 90's darryl "joe cool" daniel work). enjoy!