Wednesday, April 20, 2011

khamron sambunnanon: khon ba kancha

artist: คำรณ สัมบุญณานนท์ (khamron sambunnanon)
album: คนบ้ากัญชา (khon ba kancha)
01. หวยใต้ดิน (huai tai din)
02. คนบ้ากัญชา (khon ba kancha)
03. กระท่อมกัญชา (krathom kancha)
04. คนบ้าจี้ (khon ba chi)
05. เศรษฐีเงินถัง (sethi ngoen thang)
06. คนไม่รักดี (khon mai rak di)
07. จะไล่พี่ไปถึงไหน (cha lai phi pai thueng nai)
08. คำสั่งของพ่อ (kham sang khong pho)
09. สายลมโชย (sai lom choi)
10. ชีวิตคนเครื่องไฟ (chiwit khon khrueang fai)
11. ชีวิตครู (chiwit khru)
12. คนขายยา (khon khai ya)
13. ชีวิตช่างตัดผม (chiwit chang tat phom)
14. คนรอบกรุง (khon rop krung)
15. ลุงเชยชอบใจ (lung choei chop chai)
16. นางฟ้าในฝัน (nang fa nai fan)

while a non-smoker myself, i've had this tape ready to go for a while, and the coincidence of today's would-be holiday seemed difficult to resist; so here we have it... mr. khamron sambunnanon, singing the songs of the "ganja madman"! khamron is considered by many to be the very first singer of luk thung, with his recording of hem wechakon's "chao sao chao rai" dating from 1938, and many of the great luk thung stars of the 60's & 70's fondly recall listening to khamron's songs during their formative years. his lyrics were the earliest examples of thai pop music to feature tales of common people; farmers, day laborers, and even more marginal figures like gamblers, vagrants, outlaws and drug addicts. great old sounds (and even some yodeling on side 2)... hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

hit ngan phleng chut phiset chak 12 silapin indies doi onpa

artist: various
album: hit งานเพลงชุดพิเศษจาก 12 ศิลปิน indies โดย onpa (hit ngan phleng chut phiset chak 12 silapin indies doi onpa)
01. ยืนยัน (yuen yan)
by blackhead
02. คำตอบ (kham top)
by นครินทร์ กิ่งศักดิ์ (nakharin kingsak)
03. รักเธอ (rak thoe)
by ford
04. จากกันด้วยดี (chan kan duai di)
by byrd & heart
05. อยากบอกให้รู้ (yak bok hai ru)
by isn't
06. นานเหลือเกิน (nan luea koen)
by อัยย์ (ai)
07. บุษบา (butsaba)
by moderndog
08. 2 ทาง (2 thang)
by the must
09. เพราะฉันมีเพียงเธอ (phro chan mi phiang thoe)
by proud
10. หัวปัก หัวปำ (hua pak hua pam)
by holly berry
11. เธอน่ารัก (thoe na rak)
by สี่เต่าเธอ (si tao thoe)
12. ร่ำลา (ram la)
by t.n.t.

this week, a classic entry in the thai indie rock catalog! judging by the surfeit of copies filling the second-hand bins of the capital city, i imagine this tape was in the deck of every hip bangkok teen, circa 1995. the sounds presented here may not be what most consider "indie rock" (whatever it is we do consider it), but with industry giant sony given equal standing with bona-fide (at the time) independent labels like bakery music, it seems the thai notion of "indie" is at least as inconsistent as it is elsewhere. stylistically, you have everything from 90's alt-rock/grunge (blackhead, moderndog) to smooth, m.o.r.ish ballads (ford, byrd & heart), and then stuff closer to the jangly international ideal of indie rock (holly berry, si tao thoe). enjoy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

num'ek chetsada: lae kam mueang fang muan muan

artist: หนุ่มเอก เจษฎา (num'ek chetsada)
album: แหล่กำเมืองฟังม่วนๆ (lae kam mueang fang muan muan)
01. แหล่กำเมืองฟังม่วนๆ ตอน 1 (lae kam mueang fang muan muan, pt. 1)
02. แหล่กำเมืองฟังม่วนๆ ตอน 2 (lae kam mueang fang muan muan, pt. 2)

something out of the ordinary this week; northern-style party music from the late nineties! i don't know anything about num'ek chetsada, other than that he comes from northern thailand, chiang mai most likely. his singing is influenced by lae, the central thai luk thung sub-genre which in turn is derived from isan-style thet lae sermonizing.. num'ek mixes in bits of the northern thai dialect to inject some local pride into the proceedings. the music in the background is of the synth-heavy drum machine mega-mix style popular around the time of the recording (1997). enjoy!