Wednesday, February 16, 2022

chanthip & khamban: so kep nok

artist: จันทร์ทิพย์ + คำบาน (chanthip & khamban)
album: ชอเก็บนก (so kep nok)
01. ชอเก็บนก ตอน 1 (so kep nok, pt. 1)
02. ชอเก็บนก ตอน 2 (so kep nok, pt. 2)

this week, fantastic old music from lanna! our performers are จันทร์ทิพย์ เรือนรักเรา (chanthip rueanrakrao) a.k.a. จันติ๊บ สามหลัง (chantip samlang) and คำบาน สบอาว (khamban sob-ao), two early recording stars of northern thai music. this cassette centers on a piece that was originally released by bangkok's t. ngek chuan (rabbit brand) in the early 1950s across a long series of 78 rpm records (thus the breaks that occur roughly every 3 minutes, to accommodate the original format). according to the labels, our 2 so performers are accompanied by an ensemble of 4 large pi (free-reed bamboo pipes). there are also instrumental pieces tacked on to the end of each side that feature a larger group, consisting of the aforementioned pi, plus sueng (plucked, fretted lute) and salo (spike fiddle). these i presume were recorded much later, possibly by the re-release label's house band khana nakhon phanit? the second side features some additional so performances from 78, backed by a similar salo-so-sueng ensemble but adding piano. enjoy!