Sunday, November 12, 2017

phraison haofai & chandaeng hino-yai

artist: ไพรสน เห่าไฟ + จันแดง ฮีโน่ใหญ่ (phraison haofai & chandaeng hino-yai)
album: ซิ่งเพลินใหม่ (sing phloen mai)
01. ซิ่งเพลินใหม่ ตอน 1 (sing phloen mai, pt. 1)
02. ซิ่งเพลินใหม่ ตอน 2 (sing phloen mai, pt. 2)

this week, some excellent vintage lam sing from phraison and chandaeng! as is the case with many of the lam sing cassettes i've found, there's not much info about our singers online, but thanks to the j-card we know that they recorded for the seri-tape label out of ubon ratchathani. like sangwannoi & phatchari whom we've heard from before, i'd also place these two in the first wave of lam sing: the quick-moving style which combined local molam's khaen & vocal performance with an international rock-combo backing. another 2 sides of marathon lam sing.. enjoy!