Sunday, April 29, 2018

klum yuwaphut wat sandonrom, changwat lamphun

artist: กลุ่มยุวพุทธวัดสันดอนรอม จังหวัดลำพูน (klum yuwaphut wat sandonrom, changwat lamphun)
album: ดนตรีเพื่อประเพณีของชาวลานนา (dontri phuea prapheni kong chao lanna)
01. จังหวะช้า (changwa cha)
02. จังหวะเร็ว (changwa reo)

this week's post marks the tenth in a series of cassettes gifted to us by educator cliff sloane, former professor of ethnomusicology and founder of, a major influence behind this blog.

on our tenth tape from cliff, we've got 2 whole sides of non-stop northern thai percussion! our players today are from the young buddhist association of wat sandonrom in lamphun province, hailed on the cover as "champions of klong tueng nong in the northern provinces", klong tueng nong being the extremely long, deep drums (often 2 or 3 meters in length) which are accompanied by a team of cymbals and bossed gongs. the j-card also suggests proper settings for the music presented here, including sword dances, money-tree processions and firework displays. side one is slow, side two is fast.. enjoy!


Monday, April 16, 2018

khana luk thung dao duang mai

artist: คณะ ลูกทุ่งดาวดวงใหม่ (khana luk thung dao duang mai)
album: ลำเพลินเรื่อง ลูกเขยขี้เหล้า พ่อเฒ่าบ้าเบอร์ (lam phloem rueang "luk khoei khi lao, pho tao ba 'ber")
01-08. ลูกเขยขี้เหล้า พ่อเฒ่าบ้าเบอร์ ตอน 1-8 (luk khoei khi lao, pho tao ba 'ber, pt. 1-8)

this week, a three-and-a-half-hour molam extravaganza! our recording today features the luk thung dao duang mai group in a performance from 1994, spinning the tale of ''the drunkard son-in-law & the venerable old gambler'', in an ubon-style lam, over a 4-cassette set from ratchabut stereo. the action unfolds as our troupe of molam enact their comical speak-singing routines between full-band lam phloen dance numbers, with prominent synthesizer displays. enjoy!