Monday, August 20, 2012

sobah wongmasoh & kue baby

artist: ซอบะห์ วงษ์มะเซาะ + กื้อ เบบี้ (sobah wongmasoh & kue baby)
album: รวมเพลงภาพยนตร์อินเดีย 3 (ruam phleng phapphayon india 3)
01. bobby (บ๊อบบี้)
02. zindakyja (ซันดากียา)
03. khudakawa (ฮูดาคาวา)
04. pholo kata (ปูโล คาตา)
05. yadoky (ยาดูกี้)
06. tumbill (ตุมบิล)
07. yatumha (ยาตุมฮา)
08. jallte (ยัลเด)
09. rona (โรนา)
10. amere betee (อเมรี บีตี)
11. rimkim che (ริมคิม ซี)
12. jalterajal (ยัลเตราจัน)

as a lucky follow-up to last week's indian-derived material, today we have bollywood sounds of a different stripe.  just the other day, i came across a great arab-malay tape shop in bangkok.  among their collection was this cassette featuring sobah and kue, past members of bangkok's own baby arabia (recently the subject of a fantastic documentary), doing takes on classic filmi tunes.  unfortunately, i don't know a great deal about contemporary thai-muslim music, but i would guess that these melodies reached thailand's islamic community by way of malaysia/indonesia, where they had played a major role in the development of that region's famous dangdut genre.  to my ears, this tape bears definite dangdut influence... i know some readers here are much more knowledgeable about this scene than i, so if you know anything further, please contribute!


Gary said...

Peter, this is awesome and I can't wait to hear all of it! Khudakawa is Khuda Gawah,; interesting to see how the Thais transliterate. I'll have to see if I recognize any of the others (though Bobby is very famous).

I don't know enough to say how Bollywood would have wound up there other than that Bollywood is so far reaching that it doesn't surprise me. For instance, a Nigerian artist friend of mine told me that her sister learned how to speak Hindi because they watched so many Bollywood movies growing up.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing all of this!

Gary said...

Yadoky is Yaadon Ki Baaraat

peter said...

thanks for the links, gary, and the story! i also recognize "pholo kata" as "phoolon ka taron ka" from "hare rama hare krishna"

Gary said...

I can't believe I missed that!

musique said...

is it just me or does the song in the video have a strong the smiths touch?

Dolmance said...

Awesome Islamic Girl Pop. Loving it immensely. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Would you be able to fix the link? Please also share the location of the "Arab/Malay tape shop". This Thai variation of dangdut is immensely interesting.