Thursday, March 29, 2012

suthat phonsathit: fon chang nang chak

artist: สุทัศน์ พรสถิตย์ (suthat phonsathit)
album: ฝนจางนางจาก (fon chang nang chak)
01. ฝนจางนางจาก (fon chang nang chak)
02. กลับมาทำไม (klap ma tham mai)
03. หนุ่มนาหน้าหนาว (num na na nao)
04. กำแพงรัก (kamphaeng rak)
05. อย่ากามถึงความรู้สึก (ya kam thueng khwam ru suek)
06. ห่วงอ้ายบ่อหนอ (huang ai bo no)
07. สายกินขาด (sai kin khat)
08. จดหมายจากผู้แพ้ (chot mai chak phu phae)
09. เกียงนาสัญญารัก (kiang na sanya rak)
10. ขอผิดหวังวันนี้ (kho phit wang wan ni)

this week, some great old molam sounds from suthat phonsathit!  i wasn't able to find any information online about mr. suthat, although the tape names (as producer) sane phetchabun, the famed songwriter who contributed songs to the landmark "mon rak luk thung" soundtrack.  suthat could hardly have been a nobody back in the day, then; simply one of many molam from the late 80's/early 90's whom time forgot.  the music here is a great example of lam phloen from that era; excellent khaen, phin & sax over drum machine & keys.  enjoy!


Holly said...

I think I'm going to love this. Thank you, Peter!

burntoutsavannahs said...

This is absolutely spectacular. You post some of my favorites albums. I'm always finding gems on yr blog.

Mark said...
Thought I'd post this so everyone is aware.

Africolombia said...

Please, needed help to identify this Melody, possibly is Suriname,Trinidad,Thailand Arabe....

if you know some friends who can help me, please ask him to help me identify

listening to the voice of this artist or style, sounds like. i find some similarity, I may be wrong