Tuesday, October 28, 2008

traewong kong duriyang thahanbok: maharik

band: แตรวงกองดุริยางค์ทหารบก (traewong kong duriyang thahanbok)
album: มหาฤกษ์ (maharik)
01. มหาฤกษ์ (เต็ม) (maharik (tem))
02. มหาชัย (mahachai)
03. แขกเชิญเจ้า (khaek choen chao)
04. เชียร์กีฬา (กราวกีฬา) (chia kila (krao kila))
05. สามัคคีชุมนุม (samakhkhi chumnum)
06. มาร์ชดาวดวงเดือน (march dao duangduean)
07. มาร์ชไทยสามัคคี (march thai samakhkhi)
08. มาร์ชสวัสดีมีชัย (march sawatdi michai)
09. ปิดงาน (pit ngan)

thai-style military harmonies from the army orchestra's brass division! the brass band was one of the earliest forms of western music to catch on in thailand, and has proved an enduring phenomenon with a distinct repertoire in addition to its borrowings. track 5, "together in harmony" is often played at the end of sports games, and while generally assumed by many thais to be of thai origin, the melody should be rather familiar to western listeners. the tape suggests it's own use at parties, competitions and so on.. so exponentially increase the auspiciousness of your next hosted event with the royal big beat!!!


peter said...

thai version is here!

Anonymous said...

Can you read Thai? I have a couple of thai records I bought in Bangkok and was wondering about some of the artist information.


peter said...

Sure! I'd love to help out. If you have scans or anything you can send them my way!

Thomas said...

Peter, this file seems to be deleted. Would you be so kind to upload it again?

Thanks a lot!


peter said...

hey thomas, thanks so much for letting me know!
the download link in the main entry is updated now, and here is a new link to download in thai! i'll try to update all the old sendspace links to mediafire.

Thomas said...

Peter, many thanks for updating the link so fast!

Your site rocks!!!


Jason Belcher said...

I am a music student who has been playing Thai Brass Band music for the past 2 years. My ensemble (at the New England Conservatory) is on Facebook and can be heard here:


If anyone can tell me how to get a copy of this album, that would be great!

Thank you,
- Jason Belcher (Boston, USA)

peter said...

hi jason!
very excited to hear about your thai brass band project.. i can't wait to find out more when i get the chance (at the moment i'm moving back home to boston from bangkok) if you'll be in boston as well, i'd love to meet up!

as for the album, you can download the entire thing by clicking the "tracklist" link in the main entry. if you're looking for a physical copy, i don't think you'd be able to find one outside of thailand, but if for some reason you need one i'd be glad to give you mine.

i've got a couple other thai brass tapes... i'll try to post some soon!

Jason Belcher said...


I got a hold of the file a few days ago, and would love if you'd post more tapes (maybe you have our original source). Definitely let me know when you get back to Boston, and we'll get together.

- Jason