Tuesday, November 4, 2008

don sonrabiap: rong thang chut

singer: ดอน สอนระเบียบ (don sonrabiap)
album: ร้องทั้งชุด (rong thang chut)
01. ทักเก้อ (thak koe)
02. ใกล้ชิด (klai chit)
03. เพียงแรกเห็น (phiang raek hen)
04. นางฟ้าในฝัน (nang fa nai fan)
05. คนดีของฉัน (khon di khong chan)
06. กลุ้มอกกลุ้มใจ (klum ok klum chai)
07. ไม่รักแกล้งหลอก (mai rak klaeng lok)
08. แค่นี้ก็ช้ำเป็น (khae ni ko cham pen)
09. จากใจถึงใจ (chak chai thueng chai)
10. ไม่รักจริงก็ช่างใคร (mai rak ching ko chang khrai)
11. สดใสวัยรัก (sot sai wai rak)
12. ดูซิ (du si)
13. เมา (mao)
14. คนสวย (khon suay)
15. เจ็บ (chep)
16. เก้าล้านหยดน้ำตา (kao lan yot nam ta)
17. สามวันจากนารี (sam wan chak na ri)
18. รักบูชายันต์ (rak bucha yan)

total-request disco-funk hits from don sonrabiap!! i picked this up from one of the myriad and ever-fascinating street-sellers on yaowarat road in bangkok. while initially assumed to be a "highlands teaching regulation" tape (as don's name would translate to), the melodic dance tunes proved to be a pleasant surprise! these are mostly covers of american hits of the 60's & 70's.. although, and i'm not sure if it's just the old fuzzy tape or something about don's lilting vocals awash in echo effects, i find that many of these versions evoke a nostalgic sentiment very much apart from their originals. don would later go on to specialize in rather vapid soft-rock during the 1980's, but this collection of early hits culled from singles & movie soundtracks has an undeniable charm, with a solid beat to back! hope you enjoy!


peter said...

here is the thai version

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fred davis said...

Excellent, thanks! I especially love the AM radio quality of the recording.

DJ said...

Damn! this shit rocks!!!! more plz!
Amazing tnx alot!!!


Anonymous said...

Please! could you upload that again??? the link period expired, and we really need this! thanx

peter said...

it's back up, thanks for letting me know it was down!! i've been (slowly) switching over all the old links to mediafire, every one up to here has been done!

Marko-V said...

This one shakes, rattles and rolls! Excellent stuff. I´ve seen few Don´s records for sale but haven´t even considered to buy them because of fearing they would be that later soft rock stuff.

Barbatruco Producciones said...

ups,not available...

powahgen said...

need this!