Sunday, November 30, 2008

banleng ponglang: kieow sao long kho wong

band: บรรเลง โปงลาง (banleng ponglang)
album: เกี้ยวสาวลงข่วง (kieow sao long kho wong)
01. เกี้ยวสาวลงข่วง (kieow sao long kho wong)
02. ออนซอนสาวแม่ฮ้าง (onson sao mae hang)
03. สุดสะแนน (sut sanaen)
04. มโนห์ราเล่นน้ำ (manora len nam)
05. งิ้วต่องต้อย (ngiw tongtoi)
06. สินชัย (sin chai)
07. ปู้ปะหลาน (pu pa lan)
08. สี่พนดร (si phondon)
09. คอนสวรรค์ (khon sawan)
10. มหาชัย (maha chai)
11. เก็บผักหวาน (kep phak wan)
12. ดึงครกดึงสาก (dueng khrok dueng sak)

this week, a tape from alexandra's collection! ponglang music! these interesting tunes from the northeast feature the odd, xylophone-like ขอลอ (kho lo). the style "ponglang" gets it's name onomatopoeically from the sound of a cowbell, and pretty much just refers to any music using the kho lo. although the instrument has its own repertoire, it can also be used to play khaen-like improvisatory pieces or (most frequently these days) to accompany dance, as it is on this recording. the band plays in typical country-style groove, with some very cool basslines, great dual khaen lines and.. some weird flute on top? anyway, it's awesome! thanks alexandra :)


peter said...

thai language (or maybe phasa isan!) version here

Anonymous said...

I love what I'm hearing. Nice.

Brian Shimkovitz said...

you are absolutely KILLING it with these tapes, thanks SO much!


Anonymous said...

This have become one of my favorite album at the moment! I would love to hear more music like this. Thank You!!!

luckystriker said...

Another great album, thank you.

Prince Marolo said...

This is beautiful, amazing! Thank you so much for uploading