Tuesday, November 18, 2008

phanthiwa sinrattanan: thepthida doi

singer: พันทิวา สินรัชตานันท์ (phanthiwa sinrattanan)
album: เทพธิดาดอย (thepthida doi)
01. เทพธิดาดอย (thepthida doi)
02. บึงน้ำฟ้า (bueng nam fa)
03. เกลียดฝนไปใย (kliat fon pai yai)
04. เพลินชมหาด (phloen chom hat)
05. หนาวระทม (nao rathom)
06. เทพธิดาดอย (ดนตรี) (thepthida doi (instrumental))
07. เธอรักฉันอย่างไร (thoe rak chan yang rai)
08. เธอกับฉัน (thoe kap chan)
09. ที่รักไม่ได้ที่ได้ไม่รัก (thirak mai dai thi dai mai rak)
10. ลาแล้วดวงใจ (la laeo duangchai)
11. ไม่มีใครอยู่ค้ำฟ้า (maimikhrai yu khamfa)

this week, a pleng luk krung offering at last! and from a singer i know very little about. from what i understand, however, phanthiwa sinrattanan was an actress as well, and often sang for the films in which she starred. this collection is headed off by her theme to "theptida doi" which i believe is an old drama about ethnic minority hill-tribe peoples (though this apparently has no bearing on the music). the rest of the album is a sampling of cosmopolitan luk krung, the more consciously western of the old thai pop styles. one of the great things about luk krung is the stylistic diversity in its western borrowings; it's not unusual to hear sweeping cinematic orchestration, big band crooning, latin dance-craze beats, twangy americana and hawai'ian-inspired exotica sounds in the space of a few tracks, all interpolated through thai melodic and rhythmic sensibilities. needless to say, a lot of fun!


peter said...

as always, version in thai can be found here

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for all the wonderful music you share.

Dolmance said...

What a haunting, wonderful album. Thank you.

clarb said...

can you please reupload?

no.66 said...

This link not working. Jumping to the mega-website, but no download button appears....

peter said...

thanks so much, no.66.. link should be fixed now, let me know if it still gives you trouble!