Saturday, November 8, 2008

phongsi woranut: kot mon non nao

singer: ผ่องศรี วรนุช (phongsi woranut)
album: กอดหมอนนอนหนาว (kot mon non nao)
01. กอดหมอนนอนหนาว (kot mon non nao)
02. สาวเหนือเบื่อรัก (sao nuea buea rak)
03. ลมร้อนหลอนใจ (lom ron lon chai)
04. น้ำตาลก้นเปรี้ยว (nam tan kon prieow)
05. น้องไม่ใช้รองเท้า (nong mai chai rong thao)
06. เอื้องสะอื้น (ueang sauen)
07. แววรักในดวงตา (waeo rak nai duang ta)
08. รักข้างตลาด (rak khang talat)
09. ยิ้มแต้ (yim tae)
10. อย่าจับปลาสองมือ (ya chap pla song mue)
11. วอนพี่กลับนา (won phi klap na)
12. บ้านนาคอยพี่ (ban na khoi phi)
13. รักน้องจริงอย่าทิ้งน้องนะ เถาวัลย์ (rak nong ching ya thing nong na thao wan)
14. บัวอาย (bua ai)
15. คอยพี่กลับนา (khoi phi klap na)
16. รักพี่ตามสัญญา (rak phi tam sanya)
17. หัวใจชายคล้าย (hua chai chai khlai)

a return to bittersweet balladry, this time courtesy of the wonderful phongsi woranut. phongsi grew up in a rafthouse on the chao phrya, up in chai nat, and rose to fame singing feminine responses to the hits of khun suraphon. she was to become in her own right a major force in the development of luk thung; her songs in the 1950's and 60's helped define the genre, and future-generation star sayan sanya got his start singing backup in her band. this album is from her middle period; basic luk thung instrumentation (accordion, temple drums) is joined in spots by wah-guitar, flute & string section. and of course, ever-present is phongsi's marvelous voice!


peter said...

thai version

Anonymous said...

finally!!!! :) :) :) girlpower

Á Go-Gojira said...

Is this a collection of re-recordings of her earlier hits?

I just started listening to this now and the 2 first songs is also to be found in different versions on Maemaiplangthai's CD #36:

Such a beautiful voice, she's fast becoming one of my favorite singers. Thanks for sharing this gem! :-)

peter said...

yeah, good catch with those two!
i've heard a couple different versions of a number of these songs.. i think it's pretty common for older luk thung stars to re-record stuff from their earlier days.. i can't say for sure whether this album is entirely old songs re-done, though.. but it's possible!

and i agree, phongsi is fantastic! always glad to hear there are other admirers out there (aside from the scores in thailand, of course)!

clazy said...

I love this album. Phongsri's voice is beautiful, and the arrangements are great. Thank you so much for your blog! I'd been listening to lots of Vietnamese music in a similar vein, pre-1975 stuff -- Hoang Oanh is a favorite -- and I wondered whether other countries in SE Asia had anything comparable, so this makes me happy. There's something about the rhythms and inflections of the languages in that region that lends itself to beautiful, expressive vocals.