Saturday, October 11, 2008

decha nitain + nurong chaiphath: lam pra chan klon muan thi 4

singer(s): เดชา นิตะอินทร์ + หนูรง ชัยพัฒน์ (decha nitain + nurong chaiphath)
album: ลำประชันกลอน ม้วนที่ 4 (lam pra chan klon muan thi 4)
01. ลำประชันกลอน ม้วนที่ 4 a (lam pra chan klon muan thi 4 a)
02. ลำประชันกลอน ม้วนที่ 4 b (lam pra chan klon muan thi 4 b)

molam! here's some lam from mr. & mrs. decha + nurong, performed in very raw fashion; just voice & kaen. unsurprisingly, there's not much information available about these folks. from what i can gather, this is a recording from a lam competition somewhere in isaan.. i'm assuming they won! the tape is the performance divided in half onto either side. playing the kaen for this must be like running a marathon! i picked this tape up in khon kaen center, at that big record store near the day market.. i wish i could remember the name of it!!!

(p.s. since the thai characters in the archives seem to be causing some trouble, i'll be linking to the romanized ones in the main post from now on. thai versions will be found in the comments)


peter said...

thai version here

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting two versions.
I love what I am hearing.
I'll have to start looking for these at the international market.

Anonymous said...

major grand!!!!! ay.