Wednesday, October 8, 2008

soraphet phinyo + nongnut duangchiwan: num na khao sao na kluea

singer(s): สรเพชร ภิญโญ + น้องนุช ดวงชีวัน (soraphet phinyo + nongnut duangchiwan)
album: หนุ่มนาข้าว สาวนาเกลือ (num na khao sao na kluea)
01. หนุ่มนาข้าว สาวนาเกลือ (num na khao sao na kluea)
02. ผัวเมียพอๆ กัน (phua mia pho pho kan)
03. หนุ่มง้อสาวงอน (num ngo sao ngon)
04. รักจริงให้รอ (rak ching hai ro)
05. ลาแฟนรบ (la faen rop)
06. ปลอบใจหนุ่ม (plop chai num)
07. หนุ่มนาลาสาว (num na la sao)
08. เชื่ออ้ายโลด (chuea ai lot)
09. คนเอยคน (khon oei khon)
10. ขี่เกวียนเข้ากรุง (khi kwian khao krung)

this couple (the "rice farm boy & salt field girl") is from pak isaan (soraphet is from korat and nongnut is from khon kaen). they sing pretty great pleng luk thung. musically, there is not alot of isaan influence, but it's always great to hear a band that gets a synthesizer and still keeps their drummer! this is another from the bangkok sidewalks, not from thip but someone on the same block. note the drunken rambling of track 2.. "gin lao!"


Anonymous said...

A challenge for you.
WFMU posted this

You might be able to shed some light on it.

Something about an "itch?"

peter said...

get a version sans thai characters here

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, I left a comment on the Sayan Sanya board saying that I was friends with Sorapet Pinyoo. He lives in Khon Kaen and I see him about twice a month. I have a photo of one of the original promotional posters for this album - the album cover is one of the photos.

peter said...

hi james! thanks so much for writing! i had no idea he was soraphet and not sonphet, i had always seen it transliterated the latter way (do you think it might be central thai vs. isaan pronunciation?) i'll change the post to reflect the correct pronunciation. and that's amazing that you & he are friends! is there any way you could garner his impression on his music being posted in this manner, because if he disagreed of course, i would want to take it down right away! thanks so much james!

Anonymous said...

I can definitely ask him what he thinks but I really don't think he will mind. The amazing thing is that he receives no royalties from Num naa kaao saao naa gluea anyway. The copyright is owned by his record company at the time. He was paid a total of 60000 baht for the song and it has made over 44 million baht for the company (as of 1990 so probably a lot more now). You sound very knowledgeable about luuk tung Peter - when did your interest begin and please tell me everything you know immediately. Just joking (but please do).

Anonymous said...


Love the blog.

Do you know if the record label LIGO is still around?

If so, do you have their contact information.


Anonymous said...

Could you re-upload?