Monday, October 20, 2008

chatri sichon: chom nang

singer: ชาตรี ศรีชล (chatri sichon)
album: โฉมนาง (chom nang)
01. โฉมนาง (chom nang)
02. ธรณีชีวิต (thorani chiwit)
03. มารักกันเถิด (ma rak kan thoet)
04. อย่ามาหลอกฉัน (ya ma lok chan)
05. คงเป็นแฟนคุณ (khong pen faen khun)
06. ผลกรรม (phlakam)
07. ดนตรี (instrumental)
08. มนต์เสียงเพลง (mon siang phleng)
09. อนุภาพรัก (anu phap rak)
10. สวรรค์บนดิน (sawan bon din)
11. คนจนไม่ดีเด่น (khon chon mai di den)
12. สาวอาปาเช่ (sao a pa che)
13. คนจนคนจร (khon chon khon chon)

chatri is crazy! he was a luk thung singer from chon buri who, at some point in his career, became enamoured with indian film music, and created this fantastic album, based largely on that sound. since him there have been several other singers who have developed a penchant for filmi, but at the time chatri was in a league of his own and his songs have been the backbone of the ลูกทุ่งทำนองอินเดีย (luk thung tham nong india) style. as far as i can tell all these melodies are original (rather than just indian tunes with thai lyrics.. please tell me if you know otherwise!) and i'm very curious to learn about the genesis of this album; are the musicians indian or thai? did chatri go to india to record this, did the musicians come to thailand? and who is the singer with him? fascinating!

UPDATE: see new post here!


peter said...

thai version here

Anonymous said...

Very music. I am listening to anu phap rak on all kinds of levels.

Chloe said...

I am digging it!

litlgrey said...

Well this is completely a new one on me... I didn't even know I could save Thai characters to a folder.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting question re Indian influence on luuk tung. I don't have anything wise to add at this point but it's a question I would like answered and would love to correspond on the matter. This is James from Khon Kaen again.

Anonymous said...

could this one be re-uploaded? sounds great.

peter said...

yeah, it is great! hmm.. the download still works for me.. are you clicking the "tracklist" link in the main post? hope you're able to get it, let me know if you still have trouble!

Xavier said...

Still having a little trouble... left the comment on March 8. Still says invalid or deleted file on this end. Thanks for getting back.

peter said...

hi xavier!
did you check the updated version of this post?
the link there should be active, i just checked! :)